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Faded color palette and Death Corona

Cutter De Blanc

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Cutter De Blanc

Not sure if this is the place for it, since I figured out how to fix it on my own, but I encountered an interesting glitch last night.


So I was driving the Submersible way out in the ocean, past where the land cuts off, near crush depth. Nothing around but that profound black abyss. I decided to quick-save my game at this point. Now when I load it, something very interesting happens.


I see the sub resurface, and then the game instantly cuts to black. I'm taken to a black loading screen, and then I respawn at Paleto Bay hospital. However there is the filter applied to my screen that is the same as when you're killed. The colors are all faded and there's a transparent black corona around the screen. I took a picture, since the filter affected the snapmatic shot too. http://rsg.ms/1n4fE8q The filter remained applied throughout switching characters and dying.


I managed to fix it by switching to my online character and then back, as it reloads the file in a different situation.


It was weird though, it was like the game only half killed me. Although, really I shouldn't have died at all, as the sub was working when I quick-saved, and I never actually saw the WASTED thing come up.



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