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Gritty Garvey

Slave Wages (Proletariat Part One)

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Gritty Garvey

USMC Captain James Frazier, Sr, was a veteran of the Indochina Wars of 1972, A hero, and a dedicated worker. He had carried mail for the Liberty City postal Service faithfully for 15 years, even when they cut his wages in 1996. He didn't complain, slack off, or even change his attitude towards his bosses. of all the workers that started when he did, he was one of the 4 that stayed after they cut his wages. He was now terminated because of "a lack of work ethic" as they called it, with no unemployment, 6 months from retirement, and they didn't even have the decency to tell him that his wife was the reason it happened. He knew all to well how her jealousy had a tendency to destroy things. But he could not hate her, how could he, when she had given his only son. she was not perfect, but she was still the mother of his child. He drank whiskey as he mourned for all the time he had wasted only to be in the same position he was in 20 years ago. His expression of grief turned to rage as his wife, Maia entered the room. "Honey, I'm sorr-" she started, but was interrupted as a whiskey glass shot across the room and landed against the wall, shattering near where her head was. He knew she would duck. He knew she could only expect so much fury, which he denied himself the ability to show. After 4 days of sitting in the living room, lights out, watching static on the television in silence, expressionless. He finally gave her the reaction she fought for, the reaction she expected. He looked at her with a scowl.


"You f*cking Junkie, Do you even know what you did?" James growled in contempt as Maia sank to the floor, sobbing. He looked at the crumbled figure that was his wife, and began to pity her. "I swear baby, I didn't mean for it to end up like this." Maia said as she sobbed, her heavy Central American accent almost fumbling her explanation. "BULLsh*t." He roared, approaching a conniption. "WHAT THE f*ck DID YOU THINK WOULD HAPPEN?!?!?! YOU TOLD THEM I f*ck OTHER WOMEN WHILE I'M ON MY ROUTE!!!!!" Maia said nothing, looking at him apologetically. She was hiding something, and James knew it. His face went from anger, to disbelief, as he stared at her with widened eyes. It clicked. He had given his time, his wages, and now, apparently someone in the post office had taken his wife. He knew all to well about how the colombian cartel had been moving in their product throughout the mail system in liberty city. Now he knew how she had been getting high all this time. She f*cked one of his bosses.


James' closed his eyes in resignation, and opened them in a pained expression. "Who?" he silently asked. Maia looked at him in an almost confused shock as she rose from the corner. "What are you talking about?" she said, cautiously inching towards the kitchen. James opened his eyes, and with no expression repeated the one worded query, watching her movements. Maia opened her mouth, but paused. "Baby i don't know wh-" He rushed at her, fist clenched, and punched straight through the drywall, just missing her face and stopping her in her tracks. She yelped in fear and began sobbing. "WHICH DICK DID YOU SUCK TO GET THE MUTHAf*ckING COCAINE." He yelled, staring daggers through her tear covered face. "No lo hice....I...I didn't.... Juro por Dios...." she said pausing to catch her breath. he interrupted her with a focused look. "Don't you lie to in the name of god or so help me, bitch......So f*cking help m-"


He stopped himself. closed his eyes and began to let his mind wonder as he pulled his hand from out of the drywall. 'does it matter?' he asked himself, 'why the f*ck does it even matter who she f*cked. I've had been faithful, she had not. even in this moment she is everything to me, but I mean nothing to her, compared to It. I've always been behind cocaine on her priority list.' .He said nothing, but his gaze shot through her with the chill of death itself carrying elements of distraction and focus, His expression angry but exhausted. his eyes almost seemed to etch every bit of pain caused by her constant betrayal and the burden of employment into her soul simultaneously, in a way no amount of words could ever explain. It was then that he made her realize how enslaved they both truly were. But he could stop the cycle. He could make an example out of his slave masters, and make sure his son knew enough to never be what they had become.


He turned around in mid-contemplation as his son, Johnny, entered the house, looking at his mother quickly dry her face, at his father's bleeding knuckles and then at the hole in the wall. James looked at his son with a smile. "Hey workin' man, how was school?"
he said as his son nodded in response to the completely irrelevant question. James Johnathan Frazier Jr was smarter than most at age nine. his father tried to shield him from the harsh realities of their home life, but he knew about his mother's cocaine addiction, and knew how had been fighting about it again. But he knew his father would deflect the topic never admitting any of it. And his mother would only lie about it or blame his father. "I'll go make you both some dinner." she said with fake cheer, forcing a smile onto her face as she slinked from the room. Johnny knew damn well there was not enough food for a meal for three.


Maia looked in the refrigerator. As she expected, there was barely enough food for Johnny, let alone for two adults. She tried to understand what had happened, not the argument but afterwards, the gaze of a dead man, only brought back to life momentarily by his son. She felt a stinging pain in her chest. as if his leer was intended to give her a heart attack. She became fearful for her own life, beginning to think of his expression as that of a murderer. 'What is he going to do to me.' she thought to herself, remembering how many times she had taken him for granted. He had more than enough tools to do away with her. 'If he kills me, I deserve it.' she resigned. As she prepared the dishes for dinner, she imagined the irony of being a coke mule for the Contras, working for Martin Madrazo in her younger years, only to be murdered by the USMC veteran she fell in love with. She began to chuckle, then cry softly.


Johnny walked over and stared at the hole in the wall again. "Dad, are you and mom-" James quickly cut his son's question off with another question, "Sooooo, how would you like to go to work with me today to pick up my check? Go outside and start the car, son." He then gave Johnny the keys and rushed him outside. As he opened the front door, a plate shattered in the kitchen quickly followed by "Dios Mio, No." Maia knew very well what James intended to do......


to be continued..........


stay tuned for part 2, Do Us Part.







James Jonathan Frazier Sr; father of my Gta 5 online character.


Maia Gabriela Luisa Frazier ('nee Modus); Mother of my Gta 5 online character


James Jonathan Frazier Jr (name legally changed to John J Modus); My character in Gta 5 online,


Martin Madrazo ; mentioned in story.

Edited by MagnumOpuz

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I enjoyed this. I was like "Aww, yeah! A decent story that doesn't give away too much!" But then I realized it was set in GTA V and it killed my interest a little bit.

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Gritty Garvey

actually, part one is set in liberty city,1999, two years before the events of gta 3.

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actually, part one is set in liberty city,1999, two years before the events of gta 3.


The events of Liberty City in the GTA 3 era did not happen in the HD era.

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Gritty Garvey

wait, so if i'm reading correctly, Gta 4 and 5 and gta 3 are two different timelines, claude, catalina, and the leone family were completely deleted from canon when gta 4 started? or is it the nod to martin madrazo that makes the canonical error. i never read the press releases befor gta4 so i always thought it was all in the same timeline.


EDIT: Just Read it. Damn it all now we's all in rewrites. "rockstar can't stay in the same universe"




Well fuggit let's rewrite the sumbitch. i gotta change a few details around in part 2but i think this can still work

Edited by MagnumOpuz

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Gritty Garvey

Proletariat Part Two, Do Us Part....


“….Johnny, go wait in the car, turn on IF99 and do NOT come back inside, under any circumstances.” said James sternly, watching to make sure his son got in the car. He listened intently as Fela Kuti‘s "Zombie" began to blare from the 12 inch subwoofers in the trunk. “Dios Mio, NO!!!!” Maia screamed, rushing into the room holding a butcher knife above her head. “No. no .no.” James, seeing the flash of the sun reflection from the corner of his eye, quickly closed the door to the house, locked it, and in almost the same motion, whirled around and grabbed Maia’s right wrist and twisted her arm counterclockwise, drawing a wince of pain from his wife as he did. “I…..cannot….let you..” She said, beginning to sob in despair realizing that she could do nothing to stop herself from dropping the knife. James took a step towards her, and with the eyes of a dead man, Said only two words. “Drop It.” Still she held on, even though the pain of having her arm twisted outward from her body approached an unbearable limit and forced her fingers to slowly lift from the handle. James, having wasted enough time in his life trying to save her from herself, decided not to waste a second more as he jerked his grip violently, dislocating her shoulder and forcing the knife onto the ground with a clatter. Maia cried out in pain as her as her arm fell limply, dragging her body to the floor with its weight and leaving her lying on the ground next to the knife. James approached the collapsed figure on the ground that was his wife, who moved away in fear. He grabbed her injured arm by the elbow and shoulder, and with a quick push, popped back into its socket. Maia, not missing a beat, punched him across the face with her other hand in defiance. James took the blow as if it were a fly landing on his face, and stared into her soul, as if this was to be her final mistake. Maia met his gaze, and broke it in resignation. “Please,” Maia begged with tears covering her cheeks, por el amor de Dios, Just kill Me.”


James shook his head with a smile “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” Maia nodded silently. “You have never given any thought to the pain you caused to the people you loved, huh?” James replied with no emotion. “You never deal the consequence of your actions.” Maia repeated her request in her native language under her breath as her husband began to chuckle. “No, I may die today, as will many others, but you will not, you will raise my son, and YOU alone will be left to explain to him why I did what I did. Just be sure to make me look good in his eyes.” He knelt down, kissed her on the cheek and walked downstairs to the basement. “No, Please!!! “ Maia screamed, still on the floor. “Just kill me now. I cannot-“ She stopped and began to weep as she thought of the many phrases that would complete her sentence. She was right, she could not kill herself, as she was still raised to be a devout catholic, and suicide would constitute the ultimate sin. She could not raise Johnny on her own, as watching him starve because of her addictions would be a fate worse than hell itself. She could not live without the man she loved, the man who saved her from Jayvon Simpson and the North Holland Hustlers when her coke addiction incurred a massive debt. But most importantly, she could not deal with the guilt of knowing that her husband's breakdown and the impending bloodshed was partly her fault.


As the final thought passed her mind, she cried out in anguish. “JAMES, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD…..” She moaned, as her husband slowly ascended the steps and appeared with his body armor and two duffel bags full of clattering metal objects. James simply looked at her with the same face he wore in the military when given an order. This order, however, was one he did not intend to follow. As he stepped towards the door, Maia jumped to her feet and followed but was knocked to the floor by a violent backhand. Still In protest to his plan, she grabbed onto his already heavy combat boot. With all of the strength she could muster, she pulled his boot down to the floor as he lifted. It mattered not, as this was no longer her husband, but a marine about to embark on a Search and Destroy mission. James took three steps with one foot, dragging his now hysterical wife kicking and screaming with the other. Fed up with the constant and futile delays, he shook her grip loose, turned around and drove the same foot into her stomach, with just enough force to knock the wind from her, but do no more damage than that. “Please, I just……… I would rather.….. To die. I don’t ……want us….. to end….. like this.” Said Maia weakly, as she lay gasping for air, James turned around, and with a smile, took off his silenced nine millimeter, released the magazine, leaving the chambered round in, and laid it on the coffee table, just out of the reach of his immobilized wife. As he approached the front door, Maia, still dazed, crawled to the gun, grabbed it, and pointed it at her husband. She fired the chambered round, and missed on purpose, as if she had hoped the shot alone would bring him to his senses. James shook his head, grinning. He then opened the door and said, “If you want a different ending, babe, you’re going to have to work harder than that.”


And with that James stepped out of the house and closed the door behind him peacefully, got into his all black Vapid Stanier, and drove away from the house “Johnny, put your seatbelt on.” He said, smiling at the sight of his son bobbing his head in approval of the funk filling the car……..


(I added an extra chapter, I wanted to put a nice bow on the father son exit. to better get a glimpse of what's going to happen. and yeah it's in the HD universe [booo. i know i know] based on the GTA 4 liberty city map, but in 1999. anyways, Tell me what you think so far. and tell a friend. this is my first writing project and constructive criticism is welcome)

Edited by MagnumOpuz

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nice story, make a video if it now

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Gritty Garvey

nice story, make a video if it now


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