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Video Game With The Best Soundtrack


Recommended Posts

Simple, name the video game(s) or series you think that have the best soundtrack. Personally, I think that Midnight Club Dub Edition Remix had the best one.


Score or sound track? They are different things.


If it's sound track, it's GTA: Vice City (although I'm willing to wiggle on this and give to SA, I think VC vs SA soundtrack is an age thing).


I couldn't name you a good score because I almost always inevitably turn it down after the first week and promptly forget it. Honestly, GTA V/O has a really good score, varied with lots of ground covered, when I can be bothered to listen to it. But I'm not fixed on that answer, because as per previous reasons I don't pay attention.

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Assasins Creed 2 , the one set in Italy, haunting soundtrack of beautiful choral music...

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  • 3 weeks later...

I don't like the series so much but ac has some pretty good music:

Vice city:

Max payne:

And half life:

Edited by Ertan Soner
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Richard Power Colt

Love the main menu in the Wolf Among Us:


Edited by Richard Power Colt
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Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game has some pretty epic tunes.





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F Zero GX hands down on the GameCube. Best racing soundtrack ever.


Off topic, a solid 60fps game too lol.

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Crash: Mind Over Mutant is one of those rather mediocre video games that got an addictive soundtrack.




Dynasty Warriors 4 soundtrack has some sexy sexy Chinese written all over it.



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  • 3 months later...

Doom. Many a great remake/remix to be found still.



When I want something more chill Ecco The Muthaf*ckin' Dolphin on Sega CD.





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GTA IV and Last of Us. They were both amazing.


Every time I hear this, to this day, I feel what I felt reading the magazine scans of IV's preview and being absolutely blown the f*ck away:



I miss that Rockstar... soon as The Benz left I knew sh*t had hit the fan over there.


Edit: I actually take that back about The Benz, apparently he was the one really involved in V online, whereas the Housers didn't really care much about it. Judging by his new project 'Everywhere', he might be the guy that f*cked things up.

Edited by Warlord.

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I love soundtrack of following games: The Last of Us, Mafia 3 (not game radio), Outlast 1/WB, MGSV (not cassettes), Hard Truck Apocalypse, Dying Light, Cry of Fear.

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Scarface: The World Is Yours


This game had a fantastic soundtrack. One of my favorite games on ps2.



Gonna add Hitman 2: Silent Assassin and NieR: Automata to this.


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Final fantasy I to X they have best composer. I always remember that music if I am fight with someone.

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Games based around the crime and/or the mafia are known to have good OSTs;



Edited by Fireman
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Best original Soundtrack: Sonic GENERATIONS

Best original score: Metal gear solid 1

best non-original soundtrack: GTA vice city

Edited by thatstupidbug
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  • 4 weeks later...
Richard Power Colt

Been playing DBFZ recently and it has a couple of tracks that are pretty dope:









Quite a variety of different genres.

Edited by Richard Power Colt
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Best score? Hands down.



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Lock n' Stock

I have to give mention to the ambient soundtrack from Manhunt, with harsh, droning synth that almost sounds it came straight from a 1980s slasher or John Carpenter film. Fits the ugly and nihilistic tone of the game perfectly imo.




Edited by Lock N' Stock
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  • 2 weeks later...
Richard Power Colt

It's a pretty well known OST, but playing the Shadow of the Colossus remake made me listen to the music from that game again. Although I've mostly been listening to different tracks this time.


This is probably my favorite action track right now:




Overall I think I'm more into these emotional tracks tho:





I wonder when Fumito Ueda's gonna release his next game. The Last Guardian wasn't the most fun game to play, but it was a beautiful experience nonetheless.


edit: Forgot to mention, some tracks were actually re-recorded in the remake. So far idk if anyone has ripped those and released those online or whether or not they will be released officially.

Edited by Richard Power Colt
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I can't decide on one game to have the best soundtrack. Devs have been smart in selecting experienced composers and it def shows.

Mick Gordon is a genre-spanning master:


Borderlands 2 also has some dope tracks:


Brian Tyler's score in Far Cry 3 was spectacular. Especially the first couple of tracks:




Deus Ex Human Revolution is another:






as well as Mirror's Edge & Catalyst:








last one. Watch Dogs 2's soundtrack was killer. especially since they enlisted Hudson Mohawke to produce the whole thing:




Edited by YA BOY DIRT
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