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Declasse Voodoo


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Hi guys, anyone know if the Rusted Declasse would get the avaiability to be repaired? I love that car, but those scratches and rust does not make it look better.

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The Voodoo can be repainted, but nicks and scrapes will remain because it's stuck in its model file. Goes the same for some beaters, like Trevor's Bodhi.

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Gnocchi Flip Flops

Unfortunately there is no way to fix up the Voodoo.


Whilst having a rusty Voodoo variant is nice, it would've been even better if the restored variant had returned. Because seriously, what dumbass bloke at the studios thought, "Hurr durr dem Voodoo fans would lov em a rusty ol Voodoo! Even betta, theyll lov it if der nice version was cut!" Who?


This legendary classic has been in the series for a long time but like almost everything else from the past, they've screwed it up horribly.

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