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Bob Hoskins RIP

Mister Pink

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Mister Pink

That's a bummer.


I've seen Who Framed Roger Rabbit a hundred times.


Rest In Peace

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I know he's been ill but I didn't see this coming for a while. Sucks man. A great actor and a great guy.

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this really sucks. 2014 is taking too many people away.




philip seymour hoffman

bob hoskins

rubin carter

john pinette

james rebhorn

shirley temple

mickey rooney

harold ramis

ralph waite

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Creed Bratton

They're dropping like flies lately. This is shaping up to be a sh*tty year.



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Been showing Mona Lisa on my cable service, I didn't hear anything about this, which is pretty astounding given CNN usually touches on such things, and even the local news, where I'm keeping up with the terrible weather.




Rest In Peace, Another legend in modern acting gone.


You Brit GTA fans must know ...and love The Long Good Friday (I had blanked on the title, but it did come up on cable TV again not long ago



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Super Mario Brothers and Who Framed Roger Rabbit.



Bob will be missed.

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I've still seen NOTHING on TV about his passing, I think it's a travesty of justice. Just as when Brad Delp of Boston died, there should be an outpouring of respect and remembrance for their artistic contributions, and who they were as people. Going to be missed, no doubt!


In the above LGF clip, when Bob gets held up, it's Pierce Brosnan holding the gun on him, the future Ian Flemming James Bond... and of course, Remington Steele! haha He's from Ireland himself.


Catch this as well....



In time I'll get all the segments linked here, I decided to watch it just now Haha


Part 2



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I've seen that documentary a few times, Slamman. Well worth the watch. I was surprised to learn that Handmade Films (formed by non other than George Harrison) intended on hiring a voice over artist from Birmingham to dub over Hoskins gravelly London accent for the American release of TLGF. How mad would that have been? In the end they relented.


I remember watching a great piece of British drama a few years back called The Street that featured Bob Hoskins as a local pub landlord who refuses to back down from the local gangster and ends up copping a pretty severe hiding. Despite being one of his lesser known roles it's always come to mind as one of his most memorable, however brief it was (one episode only, I think). The same with his brief appearance in The Wall as Pink's sleazy manager.



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I'm a little late but R.I.P Bob Hoskins. I used to watch Who Framed Roger Rabbit every year for atleast a decade when they would show it around Xmas time.

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