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Fastest car, not always faster car for YOU


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Currently I'm test driving every single super and sport car to see which of those suit me best, ready for more garage space. I'm finding that some cars I just can't drive well.


For example even though I have a Jester and Carbo, I'm faster in the Alpha. The other two for sure have more potential but I can't extract it and I crash the Jester a lot while under steering.


The Entity and I get on well in the Supers but because I'm used to a Turismo I'm just as fast in it. I was surprised by the Cheetah because it's much nicer than I expected, I may buy one. I'm actually only slightly slower in my Felon than the Alpha and about equal to the carbo and Jester in the Felon.. Anyway I'll keep testing. Would be interested in other peoples thoughts on which cars are the easiest to extract pace from.

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