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Would It Be Possible To Add Nearly Every Car In The Game?


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Do you guys think it would be possible to add every car from every past GTA game plus almost every car made? I think it's possible but it would take a BIG team.

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It's possible but you also have to think How would Rockstar separate the model's of new car to the older one (ex.Cheetah from VC and Cheetah in V) They would have to re name some of them or add a bunch of random numbers.

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I think it would be difficult to put in a GTA game but it would be cool to see cars with different model years (1984,1986,1992,1998,2001 etc) in the same game like 1986 Admiral and the 2008 Admiral or the 1992 Feltzer and the 2013 Feltzer.













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Yes, it would be possible, but useless. Why so many cars? With like 10 of each category it would be alright.

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Not only speaking for technical limitations, but think of how hard it would be to port the cars from GTA 1 into GTA 5.


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