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The Senora Auto Bandits

Monkey Toes

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Monkey Toes

The Senora Auto Bandits

Xbox Crew


A new terror emerges from the Grand Senora Desert. These gangsters bust in guns-a-blazing, leaving destruction in their wake. The revs of their engines announce their arrival, and the reports of their tommy guns sound their victory. They are auto bandits, gangsters who raid along the roads their hot rods tear through. They have no interest in the politics of mobs, looking only for the next big payout and the thrill of the chase.

The Reason for this Crew

I've always had a fondness for the style and swagger of the prohibition gangs, and GTA V offers a lot with which to emulate that romantic image. The crew listing is full of crime families and mobs, and they push and fight for dominance in the free roam lobbies. Not a day goes by where I don't find a message in my inbox about some assassination or the other. How dearly I wanted to run around in a prohibition gang, but these inter-crew politics keep driving me away. Plus, I wasn't about to change my gamertag to some family name. So I meditated on the issue, and realized my solution hid in plain sight. It was not all mobsters and mafias, there were the auto bandits of the era too. In the likes of Bonnie and Clyde, or John Dillinger, this crew has a simple aim. It is to provide its members with the trappings of the romantic prohibition era gangster without all the red-tape and troubles that come with a traditional mafia crew.



This is a very relaxed crew. No real commitments necessary. We all have lives to live, and I'd hardly expect you to join in if you'd rather be elsewhere. There's only a few ground rules for thematic and decency concerns.

  • Representation? Not all that important. Fly whatever crew you want as your active one. Its preferred that you have us active when we're playing, but we won't hold you to it. It just makes it easier to keep track of whose on our side on the map when you do. You can even main as part of a mafia, we don't mind!
  • Dress nice. We're bringing back the prohibition era here, try to look dapper, yeah? No set uniforms, don't even need a tie. Just try to look the part and we're good.
  • Ideally drive something classic. No supers, please. Sports classics might not be the best for getting away in, but where's the fun in a cop chase if you just immediately leave them in the dust?
  • No assassinating business, none of it. We are not interested in sending out those spam messages of who killed who, when and where.
  • Alliances? We're game for jolly cooperation with other crews, be it working together on jobs, or helping as muscle in turf wars. Mafia? Motorcycle Club? Street Gang? Give us a reason and we're in.
  • Cop Crews! So you boys in blue want to crack down on us? Go right ahead! Give us a good chase, we'll pay you back in lead and rubber. We're all in this for some fun emulation, so lets have a blast! Bandits, be as mean as you want on the grounds of cops, but don't be jerks to the players behind the controller, yeah?
  • Behavior. Be decent people alright? We might be robbing the populace of LS blind, but that's no reason for any of you to send out hate mail to players. Play nice.


We'll be up to do this or that, emergent gameplay in free roam is the preferred pastime.

  • Heists, heists, heists! Once these hit we'll have our new bread and butter.
  • Knocking over stores. Its the best we can do to live up to our auto bandit namesake as of current.
  • Jobs! You wanna rooftop rumble? Alright. Of course, there's plenty more jobs to play, and those are all game for this gang!
  • Cop Brawling. Lets start up some shootouts with the cops, see how long we can last. Survivals are also game.
  • Vroom, vroom, racing! Lets hit the streets in our hot rods. Be it proper races, impromptu, or even drag races down the runway, put those automobiles to the test.
  • Crew Co-operations. We'll game with you like minded crews!
  • Shenanigans. Whatever else we come up with!


We're a little roleplay-esque, so there's some rudimentary immersion facts to put out there.

  • We're based out of the Grand Senora Desert. With our main hangout being the Sandy Shores Airfield. We've got a few shops right around to raid, dunes to tear through, and of course a runway to drag race on! Plus, the mod shop and gun store are just a stone's toss away.
  • Our cash keeps the cops off our back when we're not in the middle of causing trouble (Thank you corrupt, bribed officials!) It also gives us some leniency with the traffic laws. Keep your heads down between jobs and the marshals will stay off your back.
  • Los Santos is well within our strike range. We might be based in Blaine County, but some cross-jurisdiction raiding is always good for the coffers. Just be careful, we don't have those boys under our thumbs like the ones back home.

If you're interested in this motley crew, you can reach me on xbox live (Gamertag: Monkey Toes). The crew is open enrollment, so if you're up for it, just hit that join button! I'm not sure how well this will take off, but hopefully we can get a few buds together for some good times. Also, if any of you have a taste for the emblem editor, feel free to propose a new crew emblem.


Crime Crews and Cop Crews, feel free to post here too if you're interested in getting involved with the Senora Auto Bandits.


Have a great day and thanks for reading!

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