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A suggestion for the admin


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I love this forum and I think you're all doing a great job. Its my main forum I visit now but I have a couple of suggestions for the admins.


We really need 2 separate subforums for content creator.

One for Xbox and one for ps3.

We should keep the pinned Approved Races but we should also add pinned discussion threads for each catagory. That way we aren't plowing through multiple discussions about why content was/was not approved and improvement tips on the actual nominations thread.

The pinned content creator threads should also be 'approved' and have judges determining whether or not their worthy and offering improvement tips.


I hope you take time to consider these suggestions and whether or not you agree I appreciate what you've done here. :)

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A. The admins have nothing to do with the approved threads except that they granted two of them with "pinned" status.


B. There are seperate threads for PS3 and Xbox created content to be shared and also for the approvals. Separate categories would be redundant.


C. If people actually used the share threads to share their content instead of making new threads the whole section would be a lot easier to deal with as anything other than direct job sharing is applicable to both consoles.


D. You do not need to plow through the 25+ pages of the content in the approved threads because the person running them in both cases has painstakingly taken the time to collate, summarize and redistribute all the information a user needs to know in the very first post for all to see. Unless you have nominated a race to those threads you don't need to concern yourself with plowing through the discussions if you don't find them interesting.


E. If the Deathmatch threads were more active they would have probably been pinned too.


F. The Capture thread sort of had a spark of interest but it quickly became clear that it would be extremely difficult to try to judge the capture jobs as there is really not much of a set of guidelines.


I'm not an admin...but this has all been considered.


EDIT: Keep in mind that the persons running the various approved threads are doing so solely out of their own interests. No one asked us to, No one pays us. We each decide how much effort we are willing to put into it and what we want to get out of it. If you feel that you have an idea for how to better address some of the created content...the "Create Thread" button is right there. :)

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I appreciate all that. I'm not trying to attack what's already been achieved I'm just trying to suggest how I'd like the Admins to consider what I feel would be a more fluent layout. That's why I hit the create thread button.

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Well since the admins do not run the threads...please explain some details of what you mean?

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