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(idea) GRID 2 Time reversal


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So is there any mod that reverses choices/moves like in GRID 2?

if not I have some ideas if some modder would like to attempt to do this (most likely not, but if so).


A good way to start on it would be to base it off the video editor...

(recording every move player does into a type of format that can be accessed by pressing a bind)


also to save some space in the config, adding a record time limit before being replaced with a later version

(a text ui telling the player format completion and allowing the player to change how many reversal files are allowed)


I'm not demanding this, but if a modder who wants to make this because its a cool concept, or another user who knows a mod like this they seriously be my hero

side note: while being a player who should of joined two years ago, I made this account because I have been recently getting (much) more addicted to modding and this game on general.

I might start making some mods because I'm starting to code but stuff like this is a bit hard for me, I might do this later myself If i'm good enough...

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