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Flying Mission in GTA


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I need help completing the flying lessons mission, but I don't know how to get my save game link? Can someone help? The game is torrented if that makes a difference....

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Using http://gtasnp.com/ you go to START > Username > Documents > GTA San Andreas Files > select any ".b" file (the last one made.


Copy the relevant bit.

And EDIT you post to paste the resulting link.


Then when someone has the time it (the ten tests) will be completed for you.


Since your game is stolen the games saves may be in a different location. If so then search for *.b in your windows files.

Note: if your stolen game contains Mods it might not work for a 'Helper' that doesn't have the same mods.

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.b is the Name of the file GTAsasf#.b the # is1 to 8 indicating the Slot of the save. (i.e. the first slot would be GTASAsf1.b)


Being that you have a stolen game, it could be anywhere.

Use Windows SEARCh for "*.b" without the quotes (")

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