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Some more dark poems


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So i thought i'd post some more poems here. They're pretty dark i'd say but it's up to interpretation. Enjoy





The glass is always empty
When there’s no water to pour
The gloomy shades of apathy
When you’re stuck in a noire

I’ll pour myself that glass
When the rain kills the drought
But as for the moment
I’ll stay put in my doubt

For life is a game
And mostly not fair
When it’s too late to realize
That your luck was always there

So here’s to the wind
Who will guide me to the sea
I toast my empty glass
With a pint of apathy



Artificial Sympathy


We can create artificial sympathy

On silver wings we become unveiled
Angel dust makes me bored of empathy
Impale my wrists with Christ’s old nails

In Symmetry I stand alone
In the grand arena of time
Not a single word would be spoken
From the darkest corner of my mind

My violence is your fantasy
Your nature is my enemy
Raw emotions expose reality
And nothings sweeter than your own mortality



Your Face Is A Painting


Sing me to death

With your ghostly blue eyes
Infirm to your charm
Or your cunning disguise

I lust for your fever
That makes me a man
Conceiving that theory
You can’t understand

I don’t mind the games
As long as i win
When the embers of time
Start forging our sin

How quickly that flame
Bled to death on that day
Overjoyed with dismay
As I watched you run away

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