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4 Way Madness Not for Motorcycles


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I found that 4 Way Madness is not built for motorcycles, whenever I jump a ramp I will unpredictably be flung to the left or right off the track or just crash.I tried multiple methods to keep this from happening.


I tried just going over it as normal, tried leaning forward when making the jump, and popping a wheelie before the jump, and letting off the gas before the jump and nothing worked.

I normally dominate on this track, I do on motorcycles too when that glitch doesn't occur. They need to either fix it or just remove motorcycles as an option for the track. Even if there is some sort of trick to it, a trick shouldn't be needed in order to do the track as intended in the first place.

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Yep.. I've seen this too, way back before 1.10... I figured it was a bug they would have corrected by now. The last time I raced this everybody was on motorcycles and it was ridiculous watching everybody get thrown off their bikes.

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Another instance of R* stating in their patch notes that an issue was fixed when It really wasn't.


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