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BloodPaper Families: Crew enrollment


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BloodPaper Families is a Gta V crew. We have 5 members but we are looking to expand the crew. We would like to start to do regular missions, crew car meets, crew wars, and even heists when the update comes out and also just simply gathering the crew together. Our crews enrollment settings are on open, so feel free to join. Cars, bikes and clothes must be red, any shade of red will do.



Crew/Gang Name: BloodPaper Families
Social Club Crew Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/bloodpaper_families
Platform(s): xbox live

message me if you have any questions about BloodPaper Families!


If everyone could put the word out about our crew recruiting, it would be a big help. Thanks


CODE RED!!! :turn:


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You need to read the Forum Guildlines and add a link to your Rockstar Social Club Crew.


I think i've sorted it, am i right? Thanks for letting me know by the way.

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What the f*ck? Why was my post deleted? SingingEwe may have went into more detail, but was I so wrong to just link him to the correct place?

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