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Just had a random beach party.


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I wandered on the beach, drinking, when suddenly two people joined me in. All wearing proper attire, 5 more came. We did some matches shooting people off of boats and jetskis. Anyone else had random parties?

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Every Time I try to do something fun like that with friends, some butt-munch rolls up in a tank and turns the place into a warzone. Then everybody starts killing each other and soon the lobby empties of everyone but Mr. Tank. If I had a dollar!

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Yeah, a friend of mine invited a bunch of people to a pool party at the playboy mansion. The best part was when we were all hanging out in the jacuzzi, which is underneath a dome of rocks, and I called an airstrike on our location. Nobody saw me drop the flare, so when the explosions began shaking the screen everyone was shouting over their mics in a blind panic. "What's happening?! Who's attacking us!?"


Best firework display ever.

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