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GTA San andreas ENB / UPDATE Fourm By TalesOfTheWiz


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:rampage: Orverview :rampage:

1.) This ENB series was Configured by me TalesOfTheWiz / Initial D On Gtainside.com.


2.) I Will try to update as much as possible,

as often as i can don't ask When I Will Thankyou.


3.) This Enb Will Take Some Time Becuase Im Adding A New Sun / Moon Glow / Rays. It Might Wotk It Might Not IDK Will See.


4.) All Screen Shots Where Done In Game On 1440 x 900 3X AA Very High Wid Screen / Asi FIx / Sweet FX / FXAA / SMAA Combined In One A Little Bit


5. And It Might Evan Take Longer Just Cuse I Need To Make The Effects And Detailed And The best Settings I Can Get it To


:miranda: Rules :miranda:

1.) Don't Spam...


2.) Don't ask for my preset or how i did It...


3.) Ask things that are only about enbs / san adnreas....



:rampage: AND HAVE A FUN A BOMEN AS* DAY :rampage:


:panic: IN - GAME Screen shots :panic:
















:blink: STAY TUNED :blink:

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Thankyou its Done It Will Be On GTAInside.com In 2 days By Initial D.

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I love this photos :inlove:

Please when the mod is complete, send me a pm. :turn::blush:

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