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I Need To Recover Files From a Broken USB Hard Drive


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My portable USB Hard Drive was broken a few days ago and i have some very vital files and ect that i need to get off of it.


What happen was somehow the USB pot where you plug it in broke and got pushed inside and it's impossible to plug it in now.


If i open it would i then be able to plug it in or is it broken for good?


Is there anyway to open it and is there like a memory card or something that's within the hard drive that i can then plug into a converter likie they have for the Micro SD cards they have a bigger like converter you slide the card into and slide into your computer to reteive the information is there anyway to do something like that?


It someone could help me that'll be great.


It's a 500GB Firelite Smartdisk.


Any help at all would be great because these files are vital and i need to them for work by Wednesday

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Okay i got it open and this is the hard drive itself, now can anybody tell me what to do from here to get the files back?




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Based on the pictures, it's hard to tell if the HDD is a separated unit from the external enclosure's PCB or it's together.

Even if it's separated, the HDD may not be able to connect to your PC because it's using the ancient PATA instead of the recent SATA connector.

Best option would be to bring it to your local computer shop and see if they can solder the USB head back on.

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