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Content Creator Gripes, Issues and Suggestions


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Hey everyone,


Myself and a friend of mine were discussing the Content Creator not long ago and decided to make a video talking about the various gripes, issues and suggestions we had for it. It ended up being a very long video so instead of just posting that, I'll also write up on some of the points.


This is the video for those who are interested



So, one of our first gripes with the Content Creator and more specifically, the recently introduced Capture Creator, is the way the spawns are placed. The sizeable dome is a great idea in concept, however it creates issues that kill off a lot of cool capture maps and modes. For example, my friend Connor (also talking in the video) made a Capture map in the sewers beneath Los Santos. However, the dome spawn system started spawning players above ground when they died, completely ruining his map. This could be fixed by instead of having a sizeable dome, you have a square which you can height, width, and length as well as having the ability to place multiple spawn areas.


That also leads onto another point we made, you're unable to effectively test your Capture maps due to...
1. Not being able to die in the Capture Creator

2. No AIs being put into the Capture Creator (except from the bots)

If the above were implemented, good old Connor would have saved himself the embarrassment of having 10 people playing on his broken map and him being completely unaware of the issue before it's too late! Though to be honest, the time Rockstar would have to spend programming AIs is better invested elsewhere.


The next and last point I'll mention is the fact that you are unable to change what weapons the player starts with. This is a feature that is in the Deathmatch Creator and doesn't make sense not to be in the Capture Creator. I was shocked to see that it wasn't in the creator after carefully placing each weapon to balance the map well! :(


I don't want to write up a wall of text for you to read, so I'll leave it here. If you're interested in the other points as well as some suggestions for other Content Creator modes and ideas, then give the video a watch! :)

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