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Crash Test Dummies Unite!


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Hi. I joined gtaf recently but I dig the community here and I really like the custom matches everybody has been posting. But eventually I'm going to run out of bookmarks. However, I understand that I can now have up to 2000 psn friends. At the same time I notice that a lot of the people in this section want to get others in on their custom jobs. So if you like hosting custom matches and need someone to test them out with, add me to your friends list.


PSN- savethezombies (just put 'gtaf creator' in the memo so I know where you're coming from)


I'm usually on after midnight est. We (my wife or a friend may end up answering some of those job invites) have a mic but don't usually use it. I can't promise that I'll answer every invite but I can promise that I'd like to. And I'll try everything (T)DMs, Races, Capture. If you made a ridiculous stunt run full of boosts that's just made to be respawned in over and over as opposed to winning? I'm the guy who wants to try it out. Did you make a capture where all the actors are modded to look like Sam Kinison and start screaming when you get within 20m? Add me. I'll even pm you if I respawn in some sealed mystery tunnel. I just don't want to play any jobs made for griefing. Those I'll drop out of.


Any other crash test dummies here want to share your id/tag?

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