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1st Impact Airforce (Xbox 360)


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1st Impact Airforce


Brief History
About: 1st Impact Airforce was initiated shortly after GTA IV's release. As the name suggests, we are primarily an air force, specialising in Air to Air or Air to Ground combat. We also have a secondary parachute squad to assist in firefights, assasinations and protection detail etc.

What we can do for you?

We have the capability to micro-manage with that of a small crew, but attack with the strength of a much larger crew. No member is any more important as the next. Despite a hierachy of ranks, not one member is looked down upon. Everyone is equal.


Are you interested?

Please respond in a reply to this topic and join the crew on SocialClub

Socialclub Name:


Preferred field (Select one, delete rest): Jet Fighter - Buzzard Support - Helicopter Transport - Parachute Squad - Sniper Squad - Assault Troopers

What can you do for us:

Previous history of crews:

Contact us

Leader Contact: Ist Impact (Gamertag)
Social Club Crew Link
Timezone: GMT + 0:00

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With the upcoming update, it helps establish who we can trust and who we can let loose into a combat situation. From what we gathered a few people have looked at his topic and joined, carry on joining to secure the airspace!!

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We are still recruiting for new members for impact airforce, if you want more information that hasn't been provided pm me.


P.S: Surprisingly got told by a new crew member he decided to google '1st Impact airforce' to find out more information. Instead he saw the link to this topic XD

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