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Why Can't You Change The Roof On Some Cars?


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Why can't you change the roofs on some cars? This isn't Online or story specific but mainly online for expensive cars. Some cars like the Banshee and the Voltic have different roof versions (Ex: Hard top, convertible, roofless) but they can't be changed in LSC. When some cars like the Coquette are able to do this. Why? Why some but not others? I don't get it. I just bought a Voltic for my girl character and it came with a carbon roof, I can't change it in any way but I really don't like the look of it. The only way to get a different one is to buy another car (150K doesn't come cheap at rank 46) and even then it's down to chance. In fact in some cases it isn't only the roof. For example the Infernus and Elegy either will or won't come with a spoiler and it can't be put on if it doesn't have it. If you don't like the look of it then you've basically wasted alot of money buying it. (Well the Elegy is free)

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It`s just one of the myriad of rather strange choices they made with GTA V.

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I heard that you get hard top versions of the banshee when you order it and its raining outside, and roofless when sunny. Haven't had garage space to try this out yet

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