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RESTLESS MC - Active since 2014. Now Also In RDR2


Recommended Posts

I'm interested in joining!

I have a mic, down to do anything mission or heist wise and I'm 22 years old

my gamertag is kalynn#3835, social club is veno669 or you can message me on here

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On 4/12/2021 at 4:43 AM, VeNoMDoT669 said:

I'm interested in joining!

I have a mic, down to do anything mission or heist wise and I'm 22 years old

my gamertag is kalynn#3835, social club is veno669 or you can message me on here

Only today I got the notification of your post.

You've not been ignored - I'll hit you up on console.

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  • 1 month later...

Hey, I’m interested in joining. I have a mic and can be fairly active. My Xbox username is OvulatinFish

Edited by OvulatinFish
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  • 6 months later...

Damn we've been quiet around here. We're still active and still down to recruit if the right people want in.

Who's the right people?


The older the better. Our youngest is mid 20's and eldest is near 50.

Must have a good ol' British tolerance to being verbally abused. It's just the way we talk to each other, but we don't mean it.

We're 60/40 UK to US ratio, so we know some 'Murican's can be down with this. It matters not where you're from.

You don't have to be good at anything except turning up and being loyal.


Don't expect what you've experienced before from a crew. Especially an MC.

We run this like an MC's run - At least in the UK, but we don't play at it as such.

We're always in cuts, have held chapel 'religiously' every single week since 2014 and we take this seriously as we do the club and the ranks within.

Mostly though we just play the games we like - except now for all the ones R* decided to pull.

We do this in private sessions as we're the only company we need.

We play mostly early evening for the US and late at night for the UK (11pm onward).


If that sounds like your thing, and you're not just pretending to be a grown-up, hit up REILYCOYOTE on Xbox One.

He won't be expecting it but since he's the one that brought up the prospect of getting prospects...


We kinda gave up recruiting like we used to (like posting here for example) because we all know that GTA is a bit long in the tooth (we do RDO too).

A great many people have come and gone, as have a great many crews.

Though we feel there must still be the right people out there? Maybe they were in something like this but their crew/friends dwindled away?

Well the right crew for someone is sitting right here and always has been. It's high time that this reminder went out.


Edited by Nugsy
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  • 4 weeks later...

Happy Christmas from all of us at RLMC!


A reminder that we're active daily and always open to new people looking to find a crew where you can open a beer, talk sh*t about each other and get into the MC experience.


If you're interested simply shoot a message to me on XBL - my GT is BT1012.

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