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RESTLESS MC - Active since 2014. Now Also In RDR2


Recommended Posts



RESTLESS MC: Xbox One, free aim.








We run on the basis of a real 1% MC. We are a club who play very regularly together. Comradeship and brotherhood is encouraged,

and loyalty is held above all else. We do not let just anyone wear our patch.

RLMC was formed by the six founding members out of the ashes of another MC.

If you are willing to put in the time, you will be part of a crew where everybody will back you up in battle and know your name.

We aren't in any rush to expand, and all new members will be expected to undergo a period of "prospecting".

This is a period of time (a minimum of 2 weeks of regular playing, ) where you see what the crew is all about and,

more importantly, interact with the other members who will ultimately vote in private whether they wish to offer you

a place among their ranks as a fully patched member of one of the closest-knit MCs in San Andreas.


Now over 6 years old!





More things you should know:

We all get on well. Prospects only earn a patch if so.
We are small in number, usually 8-12 full members.ALL are regularly active.
We are not competitive, we're here to have fun.
We have many really good created jobs.
Members help each other out with ranking up, money etc.
Full members have a full say at chapel every week.
We ride almost any motorcycle.
We have our own very busy, bustling with content forum (full members).
We started this MC after joining one that was not run well.
That's how we are four years on & still going strong.



Info is correct & current  - 7th March 2020
If you like the look of Restless MC & want to join in the fun, we'll have to meet.
We NEVER invite blindly through social club.

We now play both GTA Online & Red Dead Redemption Online as a crew.
It is therefore requirement to own RDR2 for full patch members and prospects alike.

On meeting you.

We NEVER give crew invites on the first day so don't expect one.
  At this stage it could be a day or a few days in which we get to know each other.
  After which, if we think that we all get on with each other....

You may then be invited to join our 'Hangaround' Crew.


'Hangaround' is an official status within the construct of a real MC. It does not just mean you are hanging around with us. Your time as a hangaround depends on you and your activity, how much you immerse yourself etc.
As a Hangaround you will get your bottom rocker - the first part of your patch.
 If you prove to get on, you'll be invited to join 'Restless MC Prospects'.
 As a prospect you will be expected to act as if a full member for a period of a minimum of two weeks.
  This period is when you are to prove your loyalty & dedication to the club.
You will be watched, we will talk about you behind closed doors, but all going well, if we see you're made of the right stuff (i.e. a good fit & dedicated)
   then you may be voted in to Restless MC behind those closed doors as a full patch member!
As a Prospect you will get your top rocker too - the second part of your patch.
'Restless MC' itself is a 1% MC.
 Our members have all proven themselves with loyalty & dedication & continue doing so.
All full patch members attend our chapel meetings where we sort out the day to day running of the club.
Each member has a say & a vote. Most members have a duty of some sort.
We have our own very busy forum with over 10,000 posts, we have in game challenges, competitions, awards to be earned etc etc.
Only a full patch will get you more info on this though.
A full patch is the complete MC 3 piece patch with the centre piece.
Hangaround to full patch can be achieved in just a few weeks if you jump right in & we all get along, though it can take quite a bit longer.
Sometimes only time can test your loyalty. A full patch vote needs a yes from everybody.




It all depends on you, your activity, attitude, etc. etc.
Your rank, KD ratio and abilities do not matter to us - we all started low.



We're not just looking for people to join our crew. Numbers mean nothing to us.
We're looking for people to become a part of our crew - to get stuck in & help keep it the success we're used to.





Due to blatant copying of our full bylaws in the past we have a limited set of rules for public display.


Rules include, but are not limited to the following....
Anyone who joins us agrees to, whilst in GTA ...


1. .. ride motorcycles on club runs or during official club business. All 2-wheeled bikes are allowed, with the exception of Faggios, ‘Tron’ bike, ‘Skull’ bike, weaponised bikes and Arena bikes.

2. .. not enter meetings (unless called in).

3. .. respect and shall remain under the control of Restless MC and it's members, your patch may be withdrawn at any time at the discretion of the club and it's membership.

4. .. remain active. Anyone absent without notification for a period of seven days or longer will be sent a warning message regarding his/her absence and your patch may be at risk.

5. .. not crew killing. This includes anyone associated with Restless MC. Courtesy must extend to property (e.g. Bikes, Cars, etc.)

6. .. not use "Restless" in XBL gamer tags, profiles, forum signatures, or similar.

7. .. not be a member of any other MC or crime family crew.

8. .. not create any unnecessary background noise or annoyance in the party. Failure to do so may result in you being asked to mute your mic or leave the party.

9. .. wear a large "crew emblem" on their backs all times, whilst in attire appropriate for a biker, with no additional front patches shown, whilst in a public lobby or conducting any club business.


Where possible, the above rules will extend to Red Dead Redemption






We do not act on requests to join from social club unless you also contact us,

but having met - a request will make it easier to invite you.










Edited by Nugsy
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Whoops I'm not supposed to reply here!

Edited by Bungalow Dyl
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Hello everyone! I'm looking for a new crew to roll with. Particularly a military,Police,or motor cycle club,Mafia

Here is some basic info on me:

  • I'm very active (I've been playing since the game came out)
  • I have lots of experience in crews, I led one of 300
  • Level 317
  • I have a microphone
  • Very supportive
  • Well rounded
  • No drama
  • Respectful
  • Will follow orders
  • Love to have fun
  • Like working as a team
  • Loyal
  • 17 years old

If you'd like to recruit me, you can message me on Xbox-Live at DHG Exodus

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I just left my crew as they were mostly ps3 and looking for new biker crew to join.

Basic info about me.

Gt: XpertHavoc

Friendly and cooperative


Love to mess around.

Mature enough to respect rules.

I really like the look of your crew and I would like to apply to join. I live in Singapore which is quite far from US and I'm wondering if that'll be a problem as I might be absent from bike meets and such. Add me on social club : XpertHavoc. :)

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I'm currently waiting a response from nugsyboy about a date and time we could meet and before we do I was wondering if you guys had an age limit so as to not waste your guys time if I was too young.

I'm 14 and broke my voice last year. I'm considered mature compared to my classmates.

Edited by XpertHavoc
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  • 2 weeks later...

By the way, Jakewest12 from above is now a fully patched member. XpertHavoc & Exoduskills are knocking about with us. Come on, join in!

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Hey, I'd really love a chance to join the crew as a prospect. If you can send me a message with details, and get in touch from there, that'd be great. You can reach me on XBL, gamertag is Chaingraved. Thanks.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Looking to join. Here is a little about me.




-Drama free



-Out going

-Will follow others

-17 almost 18 years of age


Just PM me if you'd like to talk about it. Thanks mate!

Edited by xTcL
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I'm not for joining the crew, but the bike meet I can join.. Maybe some of the brothers too..
Gamertag: GODS El Kimac
Socialclub name: ElKimac

Regards from the President of G0DS 0F ANARCHY

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Looking to join:


Gamertag: zKenYx


-Active (very)


-17 years old

-I can speak English

-I have a mic.

-Easy going

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Looking to join:

Gamertag: zKenYx

-Active (very)
-17 years old
-I can speak English
-I have a mic.
-Easy going


I'll XBL message you tomorrow.

Edited by 2muchtime
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i looking to join the MC. XBL=Kogi20

BTW thats a awsome looking patch.

20year old

have a mic

i speak the lingo :)


Reply back..

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If your crew would like to play with/against our crew sometime, hit me up!

GT: WHODAT o o o

Crew: San Andreas Roamers [RSTR]

Aim: Free-aim only!

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We don't have to go to war, not by any means.....


Roaming around LS on motos, stunt jumping and climbing odd structures is fun too! Throw in a few races, DMs, captures, parachute jumps, LTS, and we've got a fun session! Our crew usually has members playing at all times, but we'd like to play with other crews and not just randoms....eventually having a weekly meet-up with other crews.....just hit me up!

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  • 2 weeks later...

We've not bumped this in a while, Anyone interested in joining, I check this thread regularly and will message you back.


Please read the criteria above before requesting.


Also we hold a weekly bike meet every Saturday night. A good way to come and meet us.


Click here to see the meet thread.

Edited by 2muchtime
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What's up !


Can I join your MC ! Seen you guys on GTA you gave me a ride ! I'm from the uk and extremely active . Love doing missions races and pretty much anything ! I'm extremely loyal too ! I understand the whole MC rules etc :) write bck soon also I have a mic :)!


Nice website your crew has ! :) and hit me up man

Oh btw I'm changing my gamertag tonight to OPTiiMUSPRiiME it's currently avendX

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What's up !


Can I join your MC ! Seen you guys on GTA you gave me a ride ! I'm from the uk and extremely active . Love doing missions races and pretty much anything ! I'm extremely loyal too ! I understand the whole MC rules etc :) write bck soon also I have a mic :)!


Nice website your crew has ! :) and hit me up man

Oh btw I'm changing my gamertag tonight to OPTiiMUSPRiiME it's currently avendX

I'll Xbl message you later. Cheers.

Edited by 2muchtime
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I'd like to join, i've sent a request for the Prospects MC on Social club.


Little bit about me:


Easy going


Active most nights throughout the week (may not make weekend meets though)

21 Years old

I have a mic

English, UK, GMT timezone

No issue with being loyal to one crew

Down to do any mission/game type


my GT is BL4CK7H0RN3


Cheers guys

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Hi BL4CK7HORN3. I'll contact you on xbl to come & meet us.


Cheers man, i don't think i'll be on (much) until like saturday, but we'll sort something out. Looking forward to it.

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