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RESTLESS MC - 5 Years In GTA, Now Also In RDR2

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Posted (edited)

I've just amended the OP, reflecting the fact that we don't now require ownership of RDR2 for recruits.
This may change again in the future but until Rockstar meet our demands and make Red dead online an enjoyable experience, we'll seldom be on it.

RDO had potential at the beginning but R* have only taken away good and added bad since launch. Each update takes the game further away from what we wanted it to be.


Restless MC may occasionally visit the old west but very rarely until R* changes it's stance on making the product suit them and not the paying customer. We'll of course be on GTA EVERY NIGHT!


Edited by Nugsy

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GTA might be game, but this is a real club. It takes dedicaton to make it to full patch. We will give you the support you need, but you must give us the time we require. Many people have successfully made it through the process. It's hard, and it's meant to be.


If you earn a full patch, you can be sure that everyone around you worked and continues to work hard for their's. We do not give away our colours easily.


There is a reason we are still here 5 years on and as strong as ever.


If you think you have what it takes, contact us.


The undedicated need not apply.

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I'd definitely like the chance to get to know more about you guys. You definitely sound legit and like you run it real. I really like the authenticity I think I see in your history and what is public of your bylaws. 

Though my life never included a cut I have had some experience with a 1%er life :).  Past all that now though. Now I'm 42, have a home and a family. Job and responsibilities blah blah blah lol.


I play most every day. Though when working it's usually just a quick check on my mc businesses and maybe a few missions. Days off though, it's on:).


Hit me up on xbl sometime when you can. SevenStream7427. 



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1 hour ago, SevenStream said:

Hit me up on xbl sometime when you can. SevenStream7427. 



You got it....

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