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Help with Zmodeler..

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Hey guys,


So I've been using mods (particularly Vehicle mods)..for a long time now...so much that now I want to try my hand at it...only problem..I have no idea where to begin...I've been surfing the internet day and night for some kind of decent tutorials to get me started with zmodeler and stuff...like I know there is a whole lot to do too besides zmodeler...but i just can't find any help for this software for creating a vehicle mod for GTA IV.


Any help? :catspider::panic:

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Anyone? :cry:

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Hey Alvarez,


Thanks for the link man...I guess I saw this one and it didn't quite work out for me that well....do let me know if you find out anything else buddy :r*:

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Where exactly do you want to start?

Creating a car?

Importing it in the game?

This depends what you already know.

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Umm basically I do know how to load up the images onto zmodeler for creating the 3d model...I basically first want to kind of know as to how do i go about creating those lines or vertices or whatever on the blueprints of the vehicle in a detailed manner...from there i can move on to how to mirror that model....and then comes the making of all the texture parts of the 3d model(headlights,etc etc) and finally texturing it...that's about it i guess...so i want to kind of know how to create a car from the very beginning more or less...


edit: bdw the version of my zmodeler is 2.2.6 if that helps in any way... :facedesk:

Edited by OdysseyVoyager

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Points are called vertices, as vertex, lines are called edges and "polygons" are called faces.


I searched Youtube for tutorials.

It seems everyone kinda resorted to ZModeler, because it can import/export GTA 4 .wft files, but everyone of them either learned only how to import a file and change it, or they were already proficient with 3D Max, Blender, Maya and some other powerful 3D packages.


It is quite a challenge to find a tutorial how to make a car from scratch in ZModeler 2.2.6.


My suggestions from now on are:


Try ZModeler 1.07 first and then go to 2.2.6, because then it will be more familiar.


(edit, crap, the images there are dead, searching for alternatives)


Or: you decide to try out other 3D packages, which have more tutorials like 3D Max and Blender and try to do basic stuff, just to figure out what's going on.

Learn some time-saving techniques. Some powerful features they offer.


And then, when you learned how to make a car:


You go back on ZModeler and then you have to learn only the interface, because you can, e.g. cut up a car in parts in Blender, export it in .OBJ file and import it in ZModeler to assign parts, adjust the textures and shaders(materials), rig the meshes (make movable parts moving, like door animations), adjust the axis to prevent the car go spastic in the game, export it in .WFT and its paintjob (textures) in WTD.

Edited by Alvarez

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Hey man...i guess you are right....so the first thing i'll do is switch to 1.07 and follow the tutorial you provided me with...(yea the images are dead :cry: ..) and i'll give some other powerful 3d modeling software a try for atleast the basic knowledge on this subject...lets hope all works out fine bro thanks for all your help :lol:


here have some cookies: :cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie: ^_^

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