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Proletariat (xbox360)

Gritty Garvey

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Gritty Garvey






Proletariat, founded by John Modus (real name unknown) is a private military/assassin cell made up of former mercenaries, soldiers, and insurgents and supported/patronized by hackers, criminals, street gangs, and disgruntled working class citizens. Known for their lack of faith in the dollar, They prefer gold brick payments, and are seldom seen without a Gold Plated Pistol and Gold Plated Sawn-Off Shotgun. Proletariat frowns upon the killing of innocents, as they prefer to save bullets for the pigs and politicians who truly deserve them. they mostly deal in Bounties, Jobs, and TDM/LTS/Capture but will occasionally engage in ground wars across Los Santos in free mode

(The Board)

The Board of Commissioners is the elite circle of the best trained mercenaries in Proletariat. After years of subordination, they now handle their own contracts and lead their own firing squad, though they do still work with John Modus from time to time.

Board Members should wear a Black or Gray suit coat/vest, Black Work Pants, and smart shoes. Shirt/Tie/hat type and color are optional, but please be fashion sensible. You're leading a team of killers, not getting married.

I currently need 4 Board members,

gain commissioner status.

choice of vehicle mostly optional.(Must have at least one 4 door, and a sports classic for cruising)

choose your lieutenant and rank him up accordingly

Recruit your own firing squad(muscle)

How to be a good Board Member -

Be useful outside of the game. I.E.Crew Emblems are more than welcome.

Be responsible for the chain of command(and any breakdowns therein) in your firing squad.

check the forum periodically.


Have a microphone of some sort

Be mature enough to lead a hit squad, and at least level 80 before even posting your application

[slot 1]-Psycho Cycler

[slot 2]-

[slot 3]-

[slot 4]-

(The Workmen/Workwomen)

Workmen/women, aka the Firing Squad, is the quintisental muscle of Proletariat, Usually recruited by a commissioner, The Workmen will work in teams of 4; scout sniper, heavy gunner, demolitions, and rifleman. led by a Foreman(lieutenant-rank Workman)
Loyalty is a common trait, as any insubordination will be dealt with.

Workmen can be seen in a black/white leather jacket, black cargo jeans, and black boots. driving around in a declasse granger, Canis Mesa merryweather, or Bravado Bison.

If the workmen complete a bounty, all four of you will split the take, the board of commissioners have no right to demand a cut.
The Workmen collectively have Veto power, ONLY COLLECTIVELY!!!! If Commish sends an order and 3 out of four vote against it, Four members WILL carry out that order.
If you dislike your Foreman, you can report to your commish for reassignment.
If you do well, and your Commish brings your prowess to my attention, I will indeed mark you for promotion
There is indeed the option to work Independently (Without a commissioner).

Keeping your day job-

Respect your Commissioner. Never, EVER kill your commish.
DO NOT KILL FELLOW WORKMEN. IDGAF if he's got a 9k bounty on his head and you split it with him. DON'T. YOU. DO IT!!! IMO it's much more fun to protect the bounty as a team, rather than split the profits.
Remember, we work for the people. so don't start spraying npc civilians for sh*ts and giggles.
Be loyal to the crew, and i don't care how old you are. but at least be at a level where you can buy an assault rifle.
Microphone is prefered but not mandatory for workmen.

The Engines-

Engineers, aka Calvary, are vehicle support roles. In the event that a Commissioner and his workmen are pinned down by enemy fire, call the engines to unleash hellfire upon the enemy. These guys will save your ass, cover your escape, scout for you, and possess More than enough firepower to terminate the enemy with extreme prejudice. As such, they are seen as cocky and without remorse, as collateral damage is too commonplace in their job. Being an asshole to everyone makes it easier to accept that you can't save everyone. HOWEVER, Their loyalties are never to be questioned. Commanded by PsychoCycler

Tank Commanders have the most lenient dress code of all, usually dressed in a black Tank Top and Cargo Shorts, as tanks have no air conditioning.
Chopper Pilots should usually wear a white work shirt, aviators sunglasses black tie, black jeans, and black shoes.


You answer only to the situation at hand. Otherwise Myself or Psycho Cycler are your bosses.

On Flying High and Five Inch Armor-
CALL YOUR SHOTS!!! Give the people that you're gonna save some warning before you "save" them
Don't purposely bomb the people you're supposed to be saving. accidents may happen, but....
If someone's danger close (too close to the target) They should have moved when you called your shot.
if you just like riding in a tank blowing up everything, don't sign up. you will be held accountable for your mistakes.
Pick a vehicle and stick with it.
As Long as your a good pilot/tank commander, it doesn't matter your age or level


Respect Your Fellow Workmen, Or Become The Next Job!

Time Zone:
Platform(i'm on xbox360):
How Often Do You Visit GTAForums:
Any Entries In Your Member Log:
Any Previous Gangs You've Been In:
How Can You Contribute To A Gang:
Tell Us About Yourself:
Anything Else:

Leader Contact: MagnumOpuz, - Gr8works(xbox360)

Social Club Crew Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/proletariat
Platform(s):Xbox 360

Games:GTA V

Timezone: central standard time

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