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Attrium glitch area


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[Edit] Aintgottime2bleed rendered his posts worthless by editing them to contain 'odd' statements not related to his title of the topic.
They have all been binned. {lw.

Edited by lil weasel
removed other posts rendered worthless by OP
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@lil weasel: Yeah, but it's been a couple of days and this was a significant contribution, sort of; I wouldn't consider it a bump. I certainly wouldn't have seen the update without the new post. Your call, I guess, but I've noticed that sometimes users are allowed to make blog style posts (not several times a day, of course) to document progress on a developing topic. I'm really curious how this glitch will develop. I was in the process of bumping the topic with idle thoughts just to take the pressure off the the next post when I noticed your new comment.


I used to participate in player made challenges that sometimes had passenger requirements for stunt jumps. For example,

: complete as many stunt jumps as possible in restricted SF with Katie as a passenger. Part of the challenge is that Katie runs away after a few minutes. This glitch might allow a way around the time limits with the girlfriends.


BTW, I think Denise is always assigned a Micro-SMG, but only gets around 45 rounds of ammo, iirc. After that she may continue to shoot, but no bullets are fired - I think the gun is silent at that point.

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Dude. The powers that be will start dinging you again if you don't keep a lot more time (several days) between posts. I don't have any authority here; I made a request for an exception to the rule but if you push it then it looks bad for both of us. I may not comment but I'll probably see your edits now that I'm paying attention.


BTW, thanks for stepping up the formatting and grammar. This latest post is much easier to read. Sorry, I try not to play grammar police unless someone is documenting an important discovery that I suspect is likely to get translated in to several other languages. It really helps the software translators, and people new to English, if the author uses formal English and avoids chat-style shortcuts. This is an English forum, but it draws users and views from all over the world. I'm not sure if this is an important discovery yet, but I'm rooting for you to snag an unobtainable vehicle or something. You never no how these thing are going to work out until somebody tries.


For clarification: you play the newer PSN (?) version on a PS3 that isn't backward compatible, and that's why it's difficult for you to get at specific missions. IIRC, the PSN version saves are encrypted. The raw save can't be extracted and there is no hope of getting a modified save to work on the system. It should be possible for a PS3 player to back up their saves and make a database of all missions. It might be possible for PS3 players to trade PSN saves but I am unaware of any mission archives available for download. I might be wrong; I don't play on PS3.

Edited by OrionSR
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Denise gets triggered by Burning Desire, which is part of the CRASH missions that transition out of LS. You should be able to find a mission tree that would help keep as many missions available as possible.


Katie, Michelle and Barbara are all available as girlfriends from the start of the game - if you can brave the 4 star wanted level. Katie is the easiest to date; CJ just needs a bit of muscle and a good car without too much damage. Barbara isn't too tough to meet if you've got a way to put on some fat. Michelle is a bit trickier. Even if you meet her physical requirements her meeting location is inside of an interior, so CJ won't get any bonuses from a vehicle - it's too far away. There are some clothing tricks than can help boost sex appeal, and collecting all of the oysters will clear away most of the problems with appeal. Sometimes, however, Michelle will still refuse to spawn in the driving school and I never figured out why.


The next challenge would be getting the girlfriend to the Atrium. When you pick one up for a date in restricted territory it will fail within a couple of seconds due to the high wanted level (cheats are a good testing option). Move out of the home-circle or the date will end, then you have six minutes before she runs away. I suspect Barbara is too far away to be of much help. I think there's a really good chance that both Katie and Michelle would be in range. Katie is my favorite because she makes the best comments, but Michelle might be a bit easier if you don't have much experience with 4-star exploration. The route along the sidewalk by the bay is remarkably safe from cops. Then scoot up to the tracks near Doherty, follow the tracks all the way to Helena's farm, jump across the river using the hump behind the cloverleaf at Flint Intersection, and clear the stars at the Santa Maria PnS. I'd recommend using the NRG from the dry dock since it gets a huge health bonus when the challenge is triggered, and is ideal from jumping the river. I actually expect the race from north SF to the atrium to be rather tight. I have a great deal of experience in racing, 4-star exploration, and player made challenges. I would estimate that I'd have maybe a minute of slack to make up for mistakes and accomplish the glitch. You might need to step up your game a bit.


Have you tried using other interiors to get back to the normal world view? I would expect that the yellow doors on the glitched outside world would be invisible, but they should still work if you can find the right spot. Does the radar get offset when you do this atrium glitch? Most doors don't have the flag that allows NPC group members to follow. Um... I think I've got a post somewhere with all the default "enex" (entrance/exit) settings, but it's a bit complicated. The door to the roof of the downtown LS tower will allow bikes to pass through, and passengers should remain on the bike.




Enex Documentation: It's a modding topic and written for a target audience that understands how to work with binary flags and convert them to decimal and hex. Quick summary; the accept NPC group flag isn't likely to help. I experimented with it quite a bit in my custom saves and forgot that it's almost never used in a normal game.


Another interior that might offer a similar glitch late in the game is the airstrip save house. The other two interiors that aren't 1000 meters above sea level are the UFO Bar north of Fort Carson, and the generator room of the dam. However, I'm fairly confident that you can't force your way through those doors. But I don't remember the airstrip having a moving door either. I remember from some failed experiments that if CJ loads at the airstrip disk with an incorrect sky setting he can see through most walls to the airstrip outside - and a bunch of irritated cops since LV was restricted at the time.


That was fast double post but an alternative hood abuse glitch ( not as good but still.. ) for V2 legit players was worth it ( i guessed and else 1 post is like a book )


Yeah, they'd prefer the book. GTAForums is not going to change posting standards that have been in place for years just for you. Figure it out or you'll likely get PMs from moderators with warning or sanctions.

Edited by OrionSR
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A helicopter in restricted airspace is sure to draw a Hydra. Chances of survival are minimal. Cheats, or explosion proofing from Gray Imports are possible options. Motorcycles are by far the safest option in restricted areas. Keep in mind that the cops are at their best when you travel full speed straight ahead, so don't do that when cops are around and learn routes that avoid cop spawns and roadblocks.


4-star adventures are a major step up in difficulty, but the cops in SA are really easy to manipulate once you learn how the AI works. The best training are the courier missions in SF (Hippy Shopper) and LV (Burgershot). If you can manage the cops and short-cuts on a chopper or scooter then you won't have much trouble driving and completing missions anywhere on the map. The lesson here is; slower is better. But for this challenge speed is an issue, so zip along the edges where the cops can't get at you and slow down at the bottlenecks that force you back into traffic. It's certainly not easy to start, but a lot of players have learned how to do this.


Doors that are locked are not useable in another world view. Sometimes you might see an invisible door though. Like the pointy tower in SF, lift at pier 69, or base jumping tower near the Big Ear. All doors have a world (sky) setting that is applied when the exit of that door is used. The Atrium should have the same sky as Zip, the UFO Bar, and one of the 24/7s - I'm not sure which one, and some are unused. The only exit that has an incorrect setting is the window on top of Jizzy's, but that's only open during the mission. If you enter through the roof and then turn around and go back out the sky setting is not set correctly.




More on Doors, Yellow Markers, ENEX


Almost all enexes in San Andreas are paired with another door. They have the entrance near the door, and an exit a few meters away - far enough so CJ doesn't get sucked right back in. Sometimes several exterior doors connect to the same interior. The destination door always remembers which entrance was most recently used at it's exit so it's entrance can send CJ back to where he came from. Since the sky will be applied at the exit, an entrance doesn't need to know which heaven it is going to.


Exceptions are the few one-way enexes on the map. These are a little closer to teleporters, but are still true enexes. They just have the their exits a little farther from the entrance. One-way doors have weird rules for displaying the yellow marker in either the heaven view (any heaven) or exterior world view (sky 0). The yellow marker is displayed in the view that is not the destination. So for one-way doors that are within the same world (SF Tower up and down, Pier 69 up and down, and Big Ear Tower up) the marker is invisible. But for the Upper Dam to Generator Room, and Generator to Upper Dam, the markers are displayed.


The markers at the lower dam (Dam and Blast), Millie's House (collect key card), and airports are not enexes. They have fake markers (a little smaller) that are controlled by game scripts. I'd consider these to be much closer to teleporters.

Edited by OrionSR
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@ orionsr, i think i can drive with 4 stars since i like drive motorcycles the most. Off topic, you talk bout locked doors. You mean normal doors right ( yellow marker ), from ganton you can go different heaven by yellow marker so maybe airstrip avaible from start ( the save house ) so enter it might glitch so evrything open ( big imagination ). Normal markers you right i think but i can try easy and fast ( prolly tommorow ) although i dont know if can enter since only on bike you get that fuked up world while not on bike evrything returns normal. Maybe start mission that blocks cops/wanted then go to girlfriend then fail mission. Start girlfriend now only 4 stars on you way back. But ill all try later since these more time consuming although i can use no wanted cheat just to test if its possible. Ill post when found more.

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If the door is locked (property not bought) then glitching between worlds won't unlock it. If somehow you managed to get inside a safe house then you might be able to exit since these doors are locked by location. If you managed to glitch inside of a locked ammu-nation you'd probably be stuck, since these doors are locked and unlocked based on the names of the connection - so one command can unlock all doors associated with an interior. Even if you manage to use the exit, a locked entrance will remain locked.


There are flags to disable exits as well, but they aren't used in a normal game. If CJ goes in an unlocked entrance (A) that has a destination with a locked exit (B) then the connection simply spits CJ out the exit of the original entrance (A). I forget what happens if both exits are blocked - the marker is displayed but CJ can't go in? maybe.

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  • 1 month later...

Anyone want to help me gather the ruins and rebuild?


AintGotTime2Bleed sent me this via private message:


"You might try some stuff since im without internet soon so i cant post and i cant test it myself atm but you can keep girlfriend follow you after the date is officially over. You need freeze her Now i need know if you cant start mission with her ( try reset world so gf follow you and start mission, she gone cuz cutscene then try start mission in brown world/ k heaven and reset world after mission start ). If works you might try the up up and away mission and see if she enter the proofed helicopter ( like recruited homies do ) if works kill her fast and get proofed helicopter. Getting her alive there needs cheats i gues. In brown world/ k heaven or f*cked up world theres an yellow marker underground ( las venturas air strip, your save house normally ) maybe you can enter ( the save floppy is loaded to ). There more stuff to find out i guess. You can take all credit if things work. You dont need try but you can try stuff fast ( cheat device ) also try the hood abuse glitch there might be more/better ways for legit V2 players."
"Maybe you can get the helicopter from up up and away by my attrium glitch, owh wait i deleted that all."
Therefore, I'm concluding his message is related to this topic. I'm trying to connect the dots between his Up, Up & Away ramble and the posts of OrionSR. I'm not sure how he is suggesting to store the Leviathan. Furthermore, I didn't know the Leviathan had "proofed" traits. Assuming it does, what are these traits? Can the magnet be retained? Otherwise, I don't see any point in bothering. I'll probably try anyway, though I don't know what the "brown world/ k heaven" means or has to do with anything.
Edited by King Andreas
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A summary, but don't expect to connect the dots between the atrium glitch and proofed magnet heli. AGT2B was awfully optimistic that he's discover something cool with this glitch but it seemed like a long shot to me. Still, it might be worth checking it out. It'd be pretty funny to make a big deal about your discovery after all that nonsense.


So... the Atrium Glitch has been around pretty much forever. I think it might be used on PS2 for heaven and interior manipulation but I've never messed with it - so look up more details if you need it. In short, prop the door open with a bike wheel, go in, aim to prevent warping, and exit the interior to the outside world while the Atrium's interior is still loaded. This makes everything look weird when outside. Using any enex (yellow door) will fix the "heaven" but the yellow doors are frequently invisible - they still work though.


AGT2B's observation was that triggering the glitch while on a date (possibly other missions with group members) will "freeze" the girlfriend (?) (or mission npcs (?)), she will unfreeze when the world is reset by re-entering and exiting normally (?), and will continue to follow CJ without regard to dating objectives or time limits (?). The ?s indicate individual observations that should probably be confirmed. Also, I'm not really sure about my NPC Group speculation. That's usually how group members are handled but it hasn't been confirmed in this case (it's a technical distinction; we can talk about that later if it seems to matter).


Up, Up and Away!: Leviathan; 1, 1, 1, 1, 0/1, 1, 1, 1, 1 - from the Official Unofficial topic, first page where it's always been.

^The Magnet Cannot Be Saved in a Garage - it's an object attached by a mission, not a property of the vehicle.


Assuming it works as described, weird trick, but is it useful for anything? Well, what's the best vehicle that's still on the unobtainable list - the Up, Up and Away FI Leviathan. It's been a while, but I think it's fully immune for the battle with the Hunters, fixed in place, and locked but not unjackable so CJ will go for the handle. I'm sure a proper search will turn up a lot more detail; many players have attempted this collection over the years. Anyway, although never directly stated, I assume the strategy was to see if the extra NPC could open the door on the Levi. I've read of other strategies that involve using homies to open the door on the Beach Party van, so I suppose there's a chance it might work.


If you decide to investigate further, I suggest looking into the overall question of, is the atrium glitch useful or interesting? rather than limiting your tests to the FI Leviathan.

Edited by OrionSR
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Finally, after many failed attempts at getting a Cargobob into Los Santos to carry a Grove recruit back to the Leviathan helipad has worked. My objective was to have him open a door for me as in Life's A Beach; it failed. I couldn't shift the view to observe him, though he clearly tried and failed to open it or didn't try at all. Either way, if a recruit can't fulfill this, what makes AintGotTime2Bleed think a girlfriend can get the job done?


Summary: I overestimated him.


I'm determined to somehow acquire the coveted Leviathan though. Does anyone have any ideas I can try? The Attrium doesn't seem to harbor any value to me.

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Finally, after many failed attempts at getting a Cargobob into Los Santos to carry a Grove recruit back to the Leviathan helipad has worked. My objective was to have him open a door for me as in Life's A Beach; it failed. I couldn't shift the view to observe him, though he clearly tried and failed to open it or didn't try at all. Either way, if a recruit can't fulfill this, what makes AintGotTime2Bleed think a girlfriend can get the job done?


Summary: I overestimated him.


I'm determined to somehow acquire the coveted Leviathan though. Does anyone have any ideas I can try? The Attrium doesn't seem to harbor any value to me.

So you didnt saw it but you sure it not works, if im right homies not always work ( mission specific ), if it all was so easy why just didnt use recruite any1 cheat?. Guess what that aint work. Ofcourse glitchking found a way ( shoot enemy then keep press recruite ). Still they dont move and the 2 enemy helicopters shoot/kill them right away. So only option is try a npc that keeps follow you no matter what ( doesnt exist ) owh wait we got the glitched girlfriend. Its stuck to the ground and not enter-able good luck finding a way to obtain it. The mission chopper with magnet cant pickup normal aircraft but maybe the mission chopper with magnet can pickup that chopper with magnet ( doubt it ). You can save magnet 1 time ( no restart safe or its gone ) so you might get that chopper and store it then fail mission and try get that chopper with the same chopper. Last thing bout yellow markers, its strange that when go thru attrium there no yellow marker ( you cant see them ) but the savehouse airstrip only has an yellow marker when gone thru attrium and in normal world you cant see ( normally its opposite so what about that ). I just had to respond, i think the girlfriend is only way to obtain that chopper.


Summary: You didnt do it good and dont forget the freeze gangbangers so if you know/find a world reset you can glitch map full of grovestreet w/o cheats ( V2 users ).


Happy glitching.

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What is this attrium glitch? How can the OP delete posts? Why I am unable to see Aintgottime2bleed profile?

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The atrium glitch occurs, as I understand it, if CJ props open the door with a bike, enters the yellow marker, and then holds aim while exiting through the door held open by the bike. The outside world looks weird when the atrium's "heaven" is loaded and NPCs act strangely.


The OP removed his text from his post using the edit button while he was still active. For whatever reason, active users cannot see the profile of users that have been banned.

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I couldn't land a tow truck on the pad with the flying cars cheat, so I used a code that edits the dozer cheat to spawn a tow truck instead. I thought a tow truck would work; rather, it didn't. I guess the Leviathan really is "stuck to the ground" as TheWaterJungle said earlier.


I have one more idea: joker commands. Deactivating the script and reactivating it when storing the leviathan sounds like a plan worth attempting. I have the joker commands, though I need the script addresses (PS2, V1, NTSC) to do this.


L1 & Left = Enable Joker: E001FB7F 00700942

Script Starter: _________ (Fill in the blank) + 00000001

L1 & Right = Disable Joker - E001FBDF 00700942

Script Stopper: _________ (Fill in the blank) + 00000000


Off topic: Lil weasel discarding AintGotTime2Bleeds absurd edits, thereby making it appear as if OrionSR quadruple posted, gave my laugh reflexes an exercise. What makes it even funnier is when OrionSR says this: "The powers that be will start dinging you again if you don't keep a lot more time (several days) between posts" in one of his posts addressed to AintGotTime2Bleed.

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Did the towtruck hook to the Leviathan? If not, sometimes a tractor works better. Most of the time mission vehicles won't even connect when normally they would. IIRC, the Tanker Commander Sabre is stuck to the ground but can still be towed. It may not be stuck in quite the same way.


I'm not sure what you are getting at with the script activation and deactivation. Can you explain how it works, or provide examples that I might be able to adapt?


If the atrium is no longer part of the strategy then lets let this topic die.

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