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New Easter egg?


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I think I may have found something interesting.


I was running from the cops as Trevor.

It was at night and foggy, so it was really dark. I ran to the pier and hopped onto a jet ski. I drove out far into the ocean to lose the stars. I noticed a sailboat off in the distance, and thought it was weird; because it was this far out at night. I drove to it and jumped on it. I noticed that there was no driver, or anyone on the boat. Because we were so far away from shore, there were no lights and it was creepy. Do you think they were abducted by aliens or something?

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this also happened in gta san adreas. i think it is just to provide you a faster way to the shore in case you are swimming.

Welcome to the forums!

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Hello RTR15, welcome to the forum. Please have a look at our Easter Egg topic here---> http://gtaforums.com/topic/638115-easter-egg-hunt/


What he said.

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