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[Xbox 360] Hat Punchers-Seeking Thrill Seekers and Classy Psychopaths


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We are The Hat Punchers, a crew of psychos and thrill seekers looking for that next rush, whether it be bumper cars on the maze bank building, or a well placed right hook to a civilians headwear.



This crew began under the idea that the world is our oyster and that many people weren’t taking advantage of what it had to offer. Many such people getting caught up in building street reputation and forming countless motorcycle clubs or marijuana clubs (even though most of those are comprised of 14 year old Caucasian gentleman who aren’t actual stoners.) The Hat Punchers wants to avoid these things at all costs. Why? Because we realized what was really worth doing, having fun with friends and getting in trouble with the police in GTA 5. That’s how this crew began, rising from the ashes among tokers and bikers and fleeing to the nearest strip club to subsequently make it rain, the party started there. Will you Join us? We were started on April 4th of this year, we have 18 dedicated members among us already. I’m very pleased with where this crew could take us. We don’t seek pretentious ranks with a strict hierarchy. True, we have one, but it’s only used to show who’s the most dedicated and fun to play with. Join our ranks and join us in hat attributed tomfoolery, son.


I am HammeredTundra, the leader of The Hat Punchers. Here’s some contact info:


Social Club (Crew): http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_hat_punchers

Social Club (profile): http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/hammeredtundra

Gamertag: AIA Tundra

Twitter (Crew): https://twitter.com/TheHatPunchers


We are primarily a Xbox 360 crew, however we don’t not hate the Playstation. Both are excellent consoles and we should focus more on the games they have to offer *Gets off of soapbox* However right now it is advised that playstation players refrain from joining this crew. Message me on the social club website if you’re interested in starting a PSN chapter of The Hat Punchers. Please tell me before you do so at least.


We operate on central standard time in the United states and mostly play GTA 5 exclusively in this crew. However many different people in different time zones have already joined, and I hope to make this crew go international and have people always be online to play with. Because that would bring a manly tear to my eye, just saying.



Muscle: “Welcome to the crew! You’ll have a lot to learn. Lemme show you around”


Representative: “Okay, you set this crew as your active one, and you’ve met some people in jolly co-operation. I feel like you represent this crew well. Here.”


Lieutenant: “I see you’ve been very loyal to us in the past couple days, you’ve taken group photos and recruited your friends. Congratulations, you are now a lieutenant!


Commissioner: “You have proven your loyalty and have made The Hat Punchers your collective creepy uncle among your family, and as a part of that family I bestow the second highest leadership role for any player. lead this crew into the sunset with rock n roll blasting on the stereo, friend.”


White Mask Society: “A sect of players who have extraordinary loyalty to the game and The Hat Punchers, not many people know just what goes on in the White Mask Society. Rise in the ranks to learn more about it. This is a unofficial rank that supersedes all ranks before it, it’s on par with being a crew leader, without some of the privileges.”


Our motto, you don’t need to remember it. “Hat Attributed Tomfoolery, Son.”

This crew is open without invitation required, we only expect that you are fun and have a decent sense of humor. See you out in GTA: Online!


TL;DNR: Join The Hat Punchers, we’re fun and stuff. Here’s that link again: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_hat_punchers


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This is my first post on this website, The title was supposed to call out classy psychopaths as well. However it cut off the statement after the c. I apologize sincerely.

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Limit your bumping to once a week please its the forum guildlines. Also if you want the topic name changed simply report your first post and ask to change the name and say what you want it changed to or message a moderator and ask them the same thing

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