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[GTA SA|SAMP - TDM] Call Of Duty - World War II | Finally Opened!


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Did you waited awesome Team DeathMatch server on samp? if yes, you are at the correct place now! Join Us and just take a look on our server, we are sure you will love it. We got awesome features, cool textdraws, great VIP and Admin system, awesome forum and much more what i can't say in one.

Here are some features:

- 6 Teams.
- 9 Classes.
- Air Strike.
- Prototype System.
- Minidm.
- Quiez System.
- AFK system.
- Random Capture Zones all over the Desert.
- 100% Mapped Desert.
- Awesome Text Draws.
- Votekick system.
- Armour Damage reducer.
- Payday every hour.
- Effected Vehicle blow system.
- Black-Off Screen.
- Free HP for killing.
- Killing spree.
- Anti-base rape.
- Dynamic map icons.
- Rope system.
- VIP/Donor features (3 Ranks).
- NPC's & Skin/Vehicle Attachments.
- C4, Nuke systems.
- Chat via Phone.
- Fighting styles.
- Moneybag system.
- Advance Duel System.
- Friendly Admins/Helpers.
- Alot Anims.
- In Game CP for Admins.
- Improved Security.
- FPV mode.
- Headshot for sniper.
- Laser system with many colors.
- These are only some i remember so far, there more and more to come!
As this is an short Adv, i am stopping from now. Please join and take a look, if you like please invite your friends to play with us. Help us to grow higher!
Server info:
[0.3z] IP:
[0.3x] IP:
Forums: www.samp-tdm.6te.net
Hope to see you all in game!
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