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GTA Money/Buy Everything Glitch Partner.


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Hey, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in helping me and in turn having me help them do these glitches before 1.13? Preferably someone with a mic that knows how to do these glitches? I need all the money I can get for The High Life DLC, And grinding Rooftop Rumble isn't working for me. Please hurry and hit me back as the Buy Everything Glitch could be hotfixed again any time now. If your interested, Message me on here, Or add me on XBL. My XBL is SWS DrewFly123.

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Uh, The buy everything glitch was patched a few days back. Mods probs gonna lock this...

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No. Go away.

How about EARNING the money like the majority of the GTA Community?
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Red Lynx 23

No thank you. I had a lot of money forced on me from the billionaire days, and have went about actually earning it again since then. About six million two hundred thousand legit.

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