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[XBOX] Who Wants To Run A Playlist?


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Message Gagemb9918 on Xbox. The playlist will consist of 15 Custom Races found on the Social Club website. This races will include:


  1. Die Hard 2
  3. Monster Challenge
  4. Wild N Out
  5. The Walls
  6. the amazing f*cking drop
  7. Supercar Mega Stunts 1
  8. Stairway To Revvin' 2
  9. Smash-em Up Derby I
  10. Smash-em Up Derby II
  11. PRO Street Race (alpha)
  12. Moto Skills Test (HARD)
  13. PRO Street Race (Zeta)
  14. CRASH n BURN 2
  15. Casino Speedway Cross

Unfortunately, only 4 more people can join. :( The winner will get 1,500 RP. If you would like to record, you may. Accepting invites now. :)

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