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[SPOILERS] Did the random event, its still locked...


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Hi. So I did the random event - pickup #3 and I drove this girl into altruist camp with T and the altruist killin g mission started, I killed everyone, took the birefcases in there (100k) and drove away, saved like always, and that was few days ago, today I check and on R* social club site its still locked (that random event), and I' m pretty sure I have always played from the newest save file, that' s for sure... So yeah, what could be the probem? Can I just do this event once more?

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Hello, did you get on onscreen message that stated in large writing:


Altruists Cleared


If you did not get this message, one or more of the altruists may have been alive when you drove away.

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Yes I got a message, something like that, idk if it was MISSION ACOMPLISHED or something, because my version is polish but I got this message, also, when I did another event with picking up random person as T, he said smth like "I wont be introducing you to my friends in the woods", so I guess he meant altruists because they are dead?


Update: Okay, so i went to the place where this chick always is with trevor, she got into my car, and I looked at my map, there was no altruist place anymore (obviously) so I just drove her to the place she asked, finished event, looked at my social club page and it' s done :D. So the altruist mission must have canceled this one or something IDK, anyway I' m happy now.

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