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gameplay problem


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i have installed gta 4 , and created account in windows live and social club but when i open the game and i click on play--> music and characters are been showed for longer time , and the game is not opening , music stops after sometime but characters are repeating again and again plz help.... :(


system conf.


wind 8.1

1gb raedon graphic card HD 8670M + 1 gb internal

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buddy sry actually i am unable to find this vsync actually plz guide me....wud be really thankful to u :)

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Start the game. Go to Settings/Options > Graphics and turn off VSync from here.

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buddy thnks a lot u are a savior game is running cool love u....thnx again just a lil more help

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Graphics option

Video mode: 800x600 (40hz)

aspect ratio:auto

reflection resol/ -off

water quality : low

shadow quality:off





Resource usage: 202/27 MB warning:your graphics settings are near,or exceed the suggested resource limits for your system.

it is recommended tht you reduce your graphics settiings in order to run game optimally...


plz solve....

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That's because your game is not detecting your graphics card. The first thing you can try is to go into Control Panel > Power Options and ensure that you're not using the Power Saver mode. Choose High Performance and see if it makes a difference.


If the game still doesn't detect your graphics card, go into your BIOS and check if there's an option to turn off the integrated video card.

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