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Guide for evading police in GTA V


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Hello guys here is a short talk about how to evade different types of police forces in GTA V. (Sorry if my English is bad, I am from HK)


1.Police cruiser / Sheriff cruiser (Countryside Version) -Appear at 1 star wanted level or above.


Description : These are the most basic law enforcement vehicle in GTA 5, they are a regular four-door police sedan. Also the police cruiser seemed to be slightly stronger than the sheriff cruiser as its bumper's design looks more professional and have a higher top speed.



Actually they are just a small threat as long as you don't get out of your getaway vehicle( Usually you will acquire a tail of them during pursuit, so it's dangerous to get out of your vehicle while a lot of them are following you closely). To evade them try to flee at high speed or keep turning corners to outrun them.


2.Police Maverick -Appear at 3 star wanted level or above.


Description : The police maverick makes escaping wanted levels much more difficult at or after 3 star, they don't do much damage to you but they will keep on updating your location to other law enforcement, and it's difficult to hide from them. Also they can airdrop NOOSE team officers on ropes. All these make the police maverick very annoying when escaping cops.


Strategy : As the police maverick will track you down and attract a lot of cops to your location, it's important to take down or hide from them as soon as possible. Stop your car and shoot down the helicopter or hide under bridges to evade them.


3. Police transporter -Appear at 3 star wanted level or above.


Description : The police transporter is a police van that actually only have one police officer (The driver) in charge. However the police transporter is quite dangerous if you meet them, it will act as a roadblock most of the time, the van will block off one or two lanes on the road with a spike strip near it, and the police officer will stand in front of it and shoot at you when you get past.


Strategy : If you see the van far away block off your main escaping path, try to change your path and bypass the van, as you are likely to drive over its spike strip (The van have already block half or more of the road) or get shot by the officer and lose some health.


4. FIB Granger / Police SUV -Appear at 4 star wanted level or above.


Description : The FIB Granger / Police SUV is probably the most dangerous police vehicle in GTA V, as two NOOSE officers armed with carbine rifles will hang on the two sides of the SUV and keep shooting at your vehicle, they provide a heavy firepower during pursuit as officers in other vehicles will seldom shoot at you. They are devastating if they drive close to you.


Strategy : Avoid them if possible, if not, try to get rid of the two NOOSE officers hang on the side either by drive-by shooting or bump them with your vehicle. They possess far less danger after the two officers are killed.


5.Police Riot -Appear at 5 star wanted level


Description : It is actually good if you meet a police riot during pursuit, because they provide you full body armor if you get on it. The police riot act as a roadblock like the police transporter and again only have one police officer. However they don't lay down spike strips like the police transporter. Which makes them a good vehicle if you need body armor quick.


Strategy : They are awesome if you meet one, as you can easily acquire full body armor by just simply kill the lone officer with the police riot and get on it. But if you are low on health or close with the police pursuing you, DO NOT try to get on them as you are very very likely to die at the moment you step out your car. If you manage to get on one, ram the cops to death with this beast.


Hope you find this guide useful. Thanks!

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This thread wasn't really necessary at all. Most of this is common knowledge.

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@RodneysLeftNut: I disagree. For newcomers, those who don't google game info, or own a strategy guide, it is very helpful.


Nice short and sweet guide OP. :)

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