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Forrest Gump

Some people I tell you.....

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Forrest Gump

This was the message I sent to this group of people who merged with us and then stole our pack and tried to claim it even though it is copyrighted. I would encourage anyone to repost this message everywhere to stop these leeches from getting someone else and if your interested in contacting them, here is there website:




(I am in no way telling anyone to go and troll them or anything along those lines:))



Hey! Remember me? The leader of the clan that you were wanting to merge with. I just wanted to contact you guys and tell you how happy I am that you stole our copyrighted pack. Yes, I said Copyrighted; You do realize that it is against the law to steal right? Or were you just to self-conceited and slow in the head to realize that? Never the less, I am glad we were able to have this experience because it once again reminds up that there are still leeches in the role playing community. I went out on a limb for you and this is how you repay us? stealing all the stuff that we worked week upon week to finish. Anyways to finish this this whole thing all together, I am sorry that one, You are bad at creating original work and two that you are low life scum. I apologize on my part that it has come to this point of you taking our pack and claiming it as your own but I guess it is what it is. Oh and by the way, you and your clan will never be even close to what we will be in the end. P.S Have fun trying to get back on to our website, gonna be pretty hard to being banned in all:)



Look at the original Cars at: http://www.ast-clan.com


Thanks for reading and have fun:)

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