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Is this a gameplay or technical issue?


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so i emailed rockstar about my capture job i created. I set it up as 4 players, 4 separate teams. Each have to deliver their own car.


but for some reason....in the lobby it says 4-5. wtf? I can actually proceed to the ready up screen with 4 in the lobby BUT, when it gets to the "ready" screen it will kick everyone saying "You have been kicked, not enough players" before we can even play. Anyone else seen this?


The only sure way it will launch is with 5 players, which is stupid for what I want the mission to be. Not total game breaking, but still.

GTA online is full of impatient people its hard enough getting 4 people to join.


Rockstar emailed me back saying



Thank you for contacting R* Tech Support! If you have any gameplay feedback, feel free to send it to [email protected]. If you have any technical questions or concerns about the game, please feel free to contact us again. Thank you and have a wonderful day!
Best Regards,
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Is it The Run? I noticed it says 4-5 but I've managed to launch it with 4 people before.

Yeah it is. Its not supposed to be this way with 5 people. Whoever has an extra person on his team would only have a little benefit.


I have had kicking issues most of the time. R* support are so.....blah, can't even find the words


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