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XBOX Mature / Adult gamers - BURN CREW


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I'm the leader of Burn Crew.

We are a group of mature adults, ages ranging from 21 - 36

Spread across the US, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Brazil, France, Netherlands, UK, and other countries. We have people on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 5-10 members playing at any given time!

I have single handedly recruited every single member of this crew. When you join you will have a dedicated, close knit, and friendly atmosphere of GTA V Gamers. All members in the crew are active, we have no one sitting and not playing. Everyone earns RP, Money, & everything else. We work together and help each other out.

It's all about fun, and thats what we all enjoy with this game. Come and join in the fun!

If interested in joining or have any question please contact me back on here, XBL, or R* Social club.

XBL: Wired Mike 420


GTA V Mission Payout/Price list available at: www.GTAVBurnCrew.com

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