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SOTW #80 - Entry


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Thought I get this going before the week is over, hehe



Welcome to the weekly competition known as Signature Of The Week.

This is a friendly competition between designers to compete and overall win bragging rights as victor of best signature. Designers must make a signature based around the theme and after the entry deadline, a voting stage begins. Users can then vote for their top 3 signature entries. Once tallied, the winner will be announced and the next competition will begin the following week. So whether you're new, amateur or expert.. all walks are welcome, so join in!

This week's prize will be: a Glorious memory from the 80's


Ground Rules

No animations

Must be custom (no ripping)

Must fit within the guidelines of this forum (500x150 or smaller)

Must be new work, can't reuse a signature from past competitions

Anyone is welcome to participate, just use your creativity!


Last week's winner was: Manfred Von Karma with this futuristic entry:



This Week's Theme: The 80's (As suggested by The Odessey)

Deadline for Entries: April 29th, Tuesday

Edited by Kilen9999

You can reach me on my new account: Robton

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No animations allows for other users to have a greater chance.. since usually anyone with an animation normally gets favored. But animations can always be voted on to be used as a theme in any future SOTW's.


My entry:




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Cool theme. Might take a run at this later.

Why no animations though?

Because most can´t do flashy animations. Less contribution, and now without the 80kb limit You could make anything so flashy. It´s up to the topic maker in the end though.

Being an 80s child I will definitely post something for this entry. Cool entry Kilen :^:


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Sounds like an excuse for garbage entries tbh. Like static images, animations only look good if you put the time into it.


Just saying, there's no point in cutting people off at the knees when you're already struggling for entries.

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Thanks Slave Boy (new forum name? hmmm...)


Decided to extend the deadline a couple of days, just to see if we can get more entry's :p

You can reach me on my new account: Robton

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Only 3 entries this time too...? Let's see what happends if i extend the deadline a day...

You can reach me on my new account: Robton

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