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Afro on Female Duke Ped


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Hey all! So, I love the female Duke ped. I think her model is great, and with a quick re-skin, she fits into SA perfectly! I decided to take the Afro from ped "smyst" and put it on her (don't need it to be perfect- just want it on there), but I honestly have no idea what happened. I followed all of the tutorials and the videos online (both the "Awesome Ped" tut as well as the various "3DS Max Ped Change Head") and I keep getting the same results. The model looks perfect in 3DS Max (2013 verison, by the way), but when I load her in-game, she's just standing there, like she lacks animations. When she does move, her shoulder goes all wonky.


In 3DS Max:











In-Game Model:

















So, this is exactly where I'm at. Sorry for all the spoilers, just didn't want to take up too much post space with photos. I'm hoping someone can look at my work through the screenshots and tell me what's wrong, and point me in the direction of fixing it.


Also, here is the .DFF and .TXD I'm working on, in case someone wants to fire her up in 3DS Max and look at it for themselves. (https://www.dropbox.com/s/7faaz0ylc6gdbph/Fox%20Fine%20Fro.rar)


Thank you in advance for any assistance- I'm literally at my wits end!

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