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Potential new apartment location ?


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I'm on my phone right now so I can't post pics but on the map drive past the hair dressers and suburban on Hawick and as you get to the end of the road it changes to Alta now right on the end of that road there's a building with a garage and it looks like one of the apartment garages, drive up to it and there's an invisible wall stopping you from actually hitting into the garage door, also remember that in online you can be going at full speed and it stops you from hitting into the garage ? Go check out the location for yourself

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Interesting. Might try that with a bunch of places on the map that look like they might be high end places we'll be able to buy.

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I doubt there will be new apartments, R* mentioned owning a 2nd apartment but mentioned nothing of buying from an array of NEW apartments, I could be wrong, but i don't think so.


Who knows maybe they're laying the groundwork for a way-in-the-future update.

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There will be new apartments. There's a link to Rockstar's site that confirms it.

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