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Role playing actor needed for YouTube channel !

Don Joe Montana

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Don Joe Montana

Hello to all who passes through this topic.

My name is Don Joe Montana I am a mafia role player, as many of you may be aware that the mafia community is in shambles and no organisation what's so ever.


My soul aim is to start producing a line of mini mafia movies role plays.

These mini movies will stand from:

1 Life in the Montana Crime Family - Selected GTAO mission will be used.

2 Mafia Turf wars - Capture games will be used for this.

3 Montana's Businesses and illegal Rackets.


I have a list of other major works in the pipe line, if you think you would make a good role playing actor please contact me.

I'm happy to take on advise or other suggestion on the production.


This is for Xbox players

My GT- Don Joe Montana


YouTube channel - The Montana CF - only one video up at the moment and was taken using my phone but it has a Mafia Turf Wars map for you to watch. Just a taste of what's to come !

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