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Normally I would post creations with videos so you can preview it and see if you want to be bothered to spend time in-game trying it out......but since the BEER RUN! races are completely free racing I have decided against recording a race and posting it because it will not necessarily be representative of how your race will unfold and therefore self-defeating.

In these races, there is only ONE checkpoint, a quickie mart or liquor store, somewhere on the map, revealed in the job photo.

Racers are on their own to figure out the fastest way to get to the quickie mart or liquor store....OR use a co-driver in rally mode to guide you there!

Once you arrive, high-tail it back to the finish line which is located where you started from....it's a BEER RUN!

Anything goes in a BEER RUN! Traffic is on, if you can drive over a hill or through someone's yard as a shortcut, DO IT! BEER HAS THE UTMOST PRIORITY!!

Most of these have all vehicles open, so if you want to do a BEER RUN in super cars or mini-vans, you can set it however you wish.

click here to add BEER RUN! playlist to game


click each map for the link to add each race individually

NOTE: The "Lost Edition" BEER RUN is set to Daemon motorcycles only, ....so the host must pick the poison, if raced as a standard race, a wreck or fall off the bike will kill you and you will respawn at the start line or the quickie mart so race it as GTA to avoid the respawn issue. However GTA racers can shoot out tires which will leave you screwed too. So this BEER RUN version is best raced among friends who you know will agree not to shoot during a GTA race. For this reason it is left out of the playlist.












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This is cool. You should do a capture variation of this.


The thought occured to me, but right now the capture creator is limited in ways that dont let me set up BEER RUNS the way they should be as a capture map.


Since you can get out of your car and shoot and fight or camp the common base location, people wont play a capture version the way BEER RUN is supposed to be played.


Besides this is ultimately about fastest time anyway which by definition makes it a race.


Thanks for the suggestion though

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added a 7th BEER RUN!

A little different variation, using dune buggies, but same concept.

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