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Michael's Ego

The Leviathan

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The Leviathan

*clears throat*


I... am GTA-King.




So... what did you all think of Michael's Ego? He truly did live in his head for the first part of the game. But around the time he lost his family, I believe he started to care about other people's feelings. He stopped living inside his head. Michael is, without a doubt, my favorite protagonist in the entire series. Because he's a sociopath with a heart. A family man. A... survivor.


I wouldn't say he redeemed himself in the end... but he made up for all his mistakes.

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In my story complete save, he's the guy I leave alone with his family while franklin uses stunt planes as guided missiles with invincibility on.


Not much more to say. Michael apparently loves his family a lot, so I leave him to it. If I feel like hanging out with them, I might switch to him. Otherwise, he's out there living his own life all over the place.

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