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How To Be Invisible, Invincible & Transvestite in GTA 5


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Welcome people of the internet to my post, Today i will be teaching/ showing you guys how to become Invisible, Invincible & Transvestite in GTA 5. So lets get started,


1. You would want to go to your apartment and put your spawn location on last location

2. Go into your shower in the apartment

3. Go into the cut scene of the shower and once your in the cut scene quickly press start and go over to the game store and stop on the alert screen. Once on the alert screen get a friend to invite you and join his gta 5 online session (it can't be the one your currently in) and accept his invite and wait 15 secounds.

4. Once your joining his lobby spam "A or X" until it takes you into a loading screen

5. Once you join the lobby you will see that you have a loading screen at the bottom right corner.

6. Press down on the D-pad and choose a single player character

7. Then it will take you to the game store then back out from the store

8. Then you will spawn in a single player lobby and you won't be able to move

9. Then press start then go over to the game store then back out of it straight away

10. Then you will be playing as your single player character online

11. Your then Invisible, Invincible & Transvestite, no one in the lobby will be able to see you and you could find the people in the lobby by looking at the map and pressing down on the D-pad.

12. I hope you guys enjoyed the glitch and if you didn't get what i said in the video just check out the video down below:



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