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I was looking on Amazon at possibly buying the MGS HD collection since the series is one of the greatest ever, I also came across a Splinter Cell, Hitman and Tomb Raider collection as well. This left me wondering whether Rockstar will do one down the road with IV, V and VI or sprucing up III, VC, SA and the stories or even a massive collection with all the GTA's to date perhaps on the generation of consoles after PS4/XBOX One.


Personally i think this would be an incredible idea based largely on the success of the aforementioned collections. It would be a great way to introduce new gamers to the series and show them why GTA is such a legendary series in the first place and for us old farts to relive the epic games from yesteryear.


The obvious downside would be the cost, especially if it were to include every game. Nonetheless, I am interested in what you guys think of the idea...



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well they did "remake" 3 vc and sa on you crappy smart phones and tablets so we won't be getting them for the consoles

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Hopefully a Legacy Collection (with every GTAs since the 2D Era) in 2017 when the franchise will be 20 Years old (1997-2017),although GTA3 and VC have got Mobile Editions for their 10th Year Anniversaries (2001-2011) and (2002-2012),SA will be 10 Years Old this year but it kind of weird it got an early mobile re-releases in December 2013/January 2014 maybe for it 10th Anniversary later this year R* are doing something bigger for it :)...

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For what it's worth, Steam sells a GTA pack featuring III, VC, SA, IV and EFLC.

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