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It's all in the name.

8up local

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just curious as to why or what peoples name mean. :beerhat:


8up local, i got this from the local bmx trails here.


8, because it all started with an 8pack of dirt jumps.


UP, because it started at the top of a small hill with the first jump at the bottom and circled back around to end back on top of that same hill, so your basicly going UP when going through it.


LOCAL, well because it's my local trails of course. :lol:

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Guess what it means...and it's not because of the Dallas Cowboys

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People started calling me ''Gallio'' because i always played the champion Galio in LoL, then later on evolved in ''Gallioni'' :p

Peperoni for pizza ofc.

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I like GTA

i'm a freak

and i have VI at the end cause im passing on the legacy of the greats who were before me

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What does this have to do with GTAO?


Nothing, this sort of thing goes in Gen Chat not in GTAO.

– overeducated wonk who fetishises compromise

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