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WE WANT MORE SIDE ACTIVITIES SUCH AS HUNTING , ADD BASKETBALL LIKE TENNIS, more urban clothing, more African American styled haircuts such as fades tapers designs or something , chrome wheel color, more baseball tees and more sports shoes , more long sport shorts ... lifting weights at the beach give your guy some muscless.. open burger shot get him fat or time. Add mansion and houses on gta online not these same ass boring apartments that all look the same . its dieing slowly!

Gta online needs MORE LIFE ....IM HERE TO VOICE MY OPINION ON BEHALF OF THE GTA COMMUNITY we want a more hood , a more urban street feel also we Adored gta San andreas! Since we're back in crazy awesome Los Santos we got what we want but you're mission a few things! ... through car customization we would love chrome rim color . I think its absurd (no offense) but to have a full chrome car paint but NOT have chrome rim color .... we Would also loveeeee to get face bandana like Franklin .. have different colors and also have the crew color option. WE want more backwards caps ... more weapon attachment more than camos .. red dot laser , stock, more extended clips as in drum rounds such as assault shotgun , ....More clothing like single players ... more styles rather than causal .. try throwing in DENIM jackets .. wool coats ... sagging pants ... more Jerseys ... better sports shoess like single player ....Dont only SUGAR COAT SAN ANDREAS WHAT HAPPEN TO THE RUTHLESS SIDE TOO .... MAYBE BE ABLE TO SMOKE WEED BLUNTS DOWN THE STREET RATHER THAN A PLAIN CIGARETTE ...more jewlery! BEST FOR LAST ADD THE BASKETBALL MINI GAME ONLINE !!!! ! WE'LL LOVE IT!




Here's a few opinion from fellow youtubers

Sincerely gta v community from yours truly! :)

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inb4mods close this, since they've been in a locking mood lately.


So they don't have to say it, use the Wishlist thread next time.

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Sounds like a fun game.



Basketball tennis. I could get into that

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I've never played basketball that's like tennis.
So.. you try to dunk the ball with a racket?

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