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How do you think heists will work?

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I think heists will be done in free roam, or at least some of them. You ever see one of those Fleeca banks with the really detailed interior but you can't enter? Those are ALL over the map, and you can even enter a few in sp. I think it's going to be a lot like robbing a gas station. Go in, blow the safe open, and fight off the cops. ( they have a really simple interior design btw, so it wouldn't surprise me if this is all there was )



Those places should have been opened up from the very start for free roam, they could have been mini-heists.



For the how I think they should be, see my post here: http://gtaforums.com/topic/698184-heists-idea-should-betrust-me/

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I think something got leaked where each person gets around 80 grand


didn't they say we could screw other people over if we wanted to
what do you mean?


not give them there share or kill them and take there take


ohhh i wouldn't like it if people could kill you and steal your take or just not give you a take you can already tell there are gunna be people who will be complete arses who do 0% of the work and take 100% of the take Edited by xSplodge-

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Red Lynx 23

I'm hoping that some of the online heists will require you to find -and keep- a uniform or two as disguises for a heist, just like story mode. Armored Truck security, FIB, Merryweather, etc.

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