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Any Random or Interesting GTAO Stories?


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If you have any random or interesting GTAO stories then please share! I love hearing them!


A few weeks back I was just chilling normally on the server, looking for one of Simeon's cars, clearing up Bounties and fighting off RDMers, when all of a sudden this girl joins and decides to organise a yacht party! I thought to myself "Huh, no way no ones gonna join in. But I'll join, should be fun!" To my surprise, actually quite a lot of people turned up! A good 6 people including myself which is a lot by my standards turned up! I was honestly amazed that this many people were in one area and not shooting each other! But anyway, I digress. After this amazement we all got on the yacht and sailed out far enough until we could hardly see land. We stopped and we all just got out and swam around, drank Pisswasser and chatted about random stuff! Suddenly, two Little Bird choppers and about three guys on jet skis appeared out nowhere and decided to start gunning at the yacht. What was a normal, but random, yacht party turned into a scene out of a Michael Bay movie! Me and one of the dudes I was with decided to hold off the choppers while standing on the edge of the yacht while the girl sailed as fast as she could from them while the other guys sat there doing nothing. Explosions everywhere! Surprisingly we all survived so we continued with our yacht party until the sun started setting. We headed back and went our separate ways. It was just so random, but damn it was fun!

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Alex Wesker

I'd of loved to be at that yacht party. I don't have many good stories to tell except the one time I picked a random person up, and dove out just to watch the chopper spiral out of control and crash into a building. Big explosion and I parachuted down to their body. :p

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